Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cavalry project part fin Russian Hussars for Borodino

Continuing the cavalry of the 3rd Cavalry Division for the Borodino game, after the dragoons I painted the ninth brigade consisting of two hussar regiments.  The Marioupol  Hussars were the first unit of the 9th brigade completed.   They were brigaded with the Soum Hussars, the fourth and last Russian regular cavalry unit I have painted for the Borodino project.    I also painted some Cossacks, probably Bug River Cossacks, for the game using some Old Glory Cossacks from the 17th century range.

The Marioupol Hussars in 1812 wore dark blue as the dolman and pelisse color. This regiment was the home of 'The Cavalry Maiden' who was a female, Nadezda Durova, who joined first the Polish Uhlan Regiment and later transferred to the Marioupol Hussars during the Napoleonic wars, seeing action at Friedland, Smolensk and various other battles.   Great read, lots of ideas for small scenarios in a period that games seem to be always focused on the giant battles.  ISBN 0-253-20549-2 is the book id, friom Indiana University Press, my copy is dated 1989, so probably a used book if you're looking to buy.  My copy is in softcover and contains one map and three illustrations of the subject.
 The Soum Hussars by 11812 wore a grey ensemble of dolman and pelisse- and red trousers.

.Both units are Old Glory castings.  Lots of animation in the units, fitting the hands with various weapons helped show the unit in a lot of differing poses.  The colors were primarily craft paints with a few model colors, like steel and silver used where needed.  Funny, it is the regiment of a 20th Century officer in the Czar's army of WW1 who wrote a book on his experiences that I got from a wargaming friend.  So having these two regiments painted up is actually kind of  a curiosity for me.
 Although not a part of the cavalry division, how can you not paint a Cossack unit when doing Russian Horse?

From the Old Glory Renaissance range (OG doesn't make the Napoleonic specific Cossack for some reason) they lack lances but make up for it in carbines and pistols use.  Next order for Old Glory will see some spears be used as lances, maybe I'll use some green stuff to make straps to hold the lances.
 A 'helicopter' view -talk about anachronisms- of the 9th brigade of the 3rd cavalry Division, Russian Army of 1812.
By the way, the basing is incomplete, I need to add rocks, grass and "shrubbery" to the various units.  If you keep up, you may well see these units in all their glory in the Borodino AAR's as we test the scenario. 

So a few commanders, some remounting, some new grenadiers, cavalry and Cossacks mean the Borodino painting commitment for me is complete.  Watch Barry F's "Czar Barry' blog and Peter A's 'Blunders on the Danube' blog for more painting and planning for what should be a great game at 2012's Historicon.

Now I can paint some not Russian Napoleonic figures, hmmm, so much to paint, so little time.


  1. Nice work! Now I need to get back to painting.

  2. They look good, Joe. The OG 17th Cossacks actually will work fine! Just trimming the flash off my 2 remaining Hussar regiments and some Russian Command figures.