Monday, January 23, 2012

End of a project ( yeah, right) Bunswicker Uhlans of 1815

Back at Historicon 2000 or 2001 I was looking at the new Perry miniature releases at the  Age of Glory Booth.  One peek into the Jager command pack convinced me I needed to collect and paint the army.  Well, before websites with shopping carts were common for small companies and in between a lot of other projects, the Brunswickers slowly took shape.  For some reason, I did the cavalry last, and the Uhlans were the icing on the cake.   It was worth the wait, and they will see action this week in our imaginary campaign set in the same timeframe as the Napoleonic era.

The poses are very animated, I love the fact the lancers are either at slope or held ready down for the ranks of the Uhlans.  It is actually one of the more colorful units in the Brunswick army in 1815, most units are dressed in black uniforms with only collar and cuffs in a facing color.  I created the pennons in 'Paint" which was a matter of two rectangles, one blue, one yellow.  The bases are from Litko, 2X2 inch squares, very neatly made. I have made my own bases for years out of various materials, but I think I'll reorder from them when this batch I have now empties out.

Perhaps there will be some 'action' shots later this week, although you know how fussy new units are about performing!


  1. A nice addition to the army of the Black Duke!

  2. Very nice work Joe; and I am all to painfully familiar with “how fussy new units are about performing”. One project down, time to start another one?