Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My daughter is awesome--Part 2

Well, been almost a month since the last post, but there has been a campaign map move to work through, two table top games based on the moves to play, and a little painting. I thought that the painting is the nicest way to start off February, as it shows the first of two items my daughter got me for Christmas (see the December 31 post, "My daughter is awesome.")

Any way, here is the Royal Artillery farrier wagon set from Perry miniatures as it will appear on my table.  It is painted using some Ceramcoat and Vallejo colors, as well as an acrylic tube Titanium White. The thumbnail sketch at the Perry website is very helpful in showing how to assemble the wagon.  It's a little diorama that fits on a four in diameter circle, mine's from a craft store, Michaels.

Side view. Really wonderful 28mm figures with a lot of animation.  The bellows handle actually has rope sculpted on it to connect to a bellows in the wagon,  real  attention to detail.

We play using Piquet's 'Field of Battle' or 'Le Grognards' and I am sure this will be  an  objective in the former and possibly an 'on field representation'' of an Army Characteristic card for the latter.

Hopefully  I'll get the Ammunition Wagon set done soon.   Then I really need to do the RA limber set her mom (not to be outdone) got me for my birthday.  Tough keeping up.  :-)