Friday, April 20, 2012

More Aquarians in color

 Having decided on a color scheme stolen from nature's tree frogs for the Aquarians, I present to you some of the smaller ships of the fleet. I noticed today that the Aquarians are similarly shown on the GK website page at Monday Knight Productions.  What can I say, great minds thinking similarly, I guess.

First up are the Star Bombers, these bad boys have  been responsible for at least three cruisers in our 'learning the ropes' games.  I now know if you see them, kill'em!  You  can see the yellow stripes on the fuselages.  The star bomber luckily cannot take a lot of damage, so get them quickly and they are no longer a threat.

The second photo shows the first of the Destroyers using the tree frog design.  Each ship has a different layout and number of lines, which are yellow bordered black on the light green frogs.   The destroyers can damage Star Bombers, but must 'gang up' to completely neutralize the Star Bombers.

As  I decide on the schemes for the cruiser and attack carrier, I'll show them.  We are parallel playing some learning games and putting fleets together from scratch.  So far we enjoy the 'drift ' rule the interplay between the fighters, missile and ships, as well as the special weapons of the various races.

I have some more ships, a battle cruiser and a destroyer leader on order, oh.... and some fighters of various races.


  1. Nice looking ships; I like the frog-inspired paint job. Are you using the fan-made rules for Aquarians from the GK yahoogroup?

  2. I down loaded the ships and background. As far as rules go, I noted the 'cloaking device' as new, the sideslip for two MP's(which I imagine is bigger than our tactics at present show) but not enough to extrapolate costs on other ship classes. I will patiently wait for the Aquarian Fleet book. Maybe by end of the year. I may actually have the fleet painted before the rules are available.

    We did proxy the ships as Federation and some old BFG Orks as Carnivores. Nasty up close, those cats. I finished a cruiser and another destroyer and an armored patrol ship. On the table is the DDL and an attack carrier to paint.