Monday, April 23, 2012

The task force was two days out from Zion 12. The relief would come after the hand off to the system defense forces. Commodore Wizor watched the monitors showing the freighter, carrier and escorts. Well, no pirates, no random space phenomena, no breakdowns. 

The scream of the threat sensor klaxon startled many on the bridge but simply focused the commodore and Captain Zwifell. As the seconds ticked off, the sensor technicians refined the threat assessment. Three Carnivore cruisers and three destroyers were performing the traditional Carnivorean 'bum's rush'
maneuver, a straight ahead high speed attempt to close with the Terran forces.

Launching fighters, escorts to front! Standard drill to slow the attacker, but one carrier against three cruisers looked bad. The few guns on the freighter were not much comfort, but would probably keep the first wave of those thrice damned cat missiles. Or so the Commodore hoped.

There's the background of our game this week, a lead in to the newest ships painted, the Attack Carrier, Freighter and Armored Pursuit Ship.

Here is the freighter, I am going to add some detail, probably accent the parts that appear to be derricks set flush to the deck in travel mode. Don't really know why you'd want to be trim in vacuum, but there they are, flat to the deck.

More interesting was the Armored Pursuit ship. I think the name serves this class of craft poorly, the short ranged weaponry say escort, not attack. The aft section has a definite bank of radar or other sensors, so 'eyes' seemed the best scheme there. 

The destroyers were covered before, which leads us to the Attack Carrier. I 'cheated' and used a drafting pen to separate the colors on the landing areas. Looked pretty good to me, I offer it to you to peruse. 

More later, we'll play Wednesday and hopefully I'll get a chance to do an after action report for you.


  1. The ships look good, especially the Carrier. Interesting scenario, too.

    I'm definitely getting the urge to pull out my copy of Starfire and generate some Homeworlds...

  2. I like the carrier. Can't wait to read your AAR.