Sunday, May 20, 2012

Last few units getting painted for Borodino at H'Con

Well, just about two months to go, I want to list out what's left to paint for the Borodino game so that I can keep up with my promised contingent.

There are two nearly completed Russian line battalions,  from OG;

  half of a Perry  twelve pounder battery (hope the other half comes soon from the Warstore), I also am readying a old Mini-fig atillery limber team.   

 Also,  the Russian High Command set from the Perry's Russian 28mm line.

 This is such  a great set, even a Kutusov as he probably appeared that day at Borodino.

 Well, except for an excursion to the Hinterland  folk these are the items getting painted next.


  1. You're gonna reach the finish line ahead of me and Barry, Joe!

  2. I have had a recent slowdown, but I think I shal get these all done by then. After all, I do have another gun and crew coming.

    And if the Perry's do set their additions to the Russians soon, I'll be in more trouble...but the table would look great.

  3. Looking good Joe. I really should be painting right now instead of surfing, but...