Sunday, June 24, 2012

Three Hussars part Fin

Well, getting around the Russian general staff and artillery crews took time, but the 3 Hinterland Hussars for daughter and grand daughters are finished.

I am happy with the way they turned out, although I think I made an error in that the horses are a bit dark for palominos.  I even did manage to suggest the correct hair colors on the appropriate hussars.  My daughter is a blonde, her girls have chestnut and light brown hair respectively.

Once again, the colors are a mix of craft paints, tube acrylics and some hobby paints, especially the Vallejo brass and steel colors.  I did try to tie all three together, the figures each have a red petticoat, a purple plume and green saddle blanket.  The figures are truly easy to paint, lots of wonderful detail the photos don't show.

The fellow at Hinterland just added some new figures, so the Hussars, after they leave the painting depot will be followed up by some others. But that's another project.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Perry Russian Napoleonic "High Command" set presented

I did get the Russian High Comand pack from the Perry's line about six weeks ago.  I was impressed with the figures, done in the style which matches up with the rest of their Napoleonics, and each figure full of personality.  Armed with the B&W photo from the 'work in progress ' page and the excellently painted group by Steve May showing on the 'storefront' page for the Russian Napoleonic metal line I worked through the figures as a start or end segment of each painting session since my post back in May.  Here are the results. This is as good as it gets for my painting, folks:

First up, a scene with the overall commander of the Russian forces, FM Kutusov, General Yamolov, 1st Army Chief of Staff, and Col. Toll, the Quartermaster for the 1st Army.   All dressed up on a 4 inch circle purchased from a craft store (either Michaels or AC Moore, they both carry the same sizes).

The white in the rear area of the base is not snow (we're modeling Borodino, not the retreat) but rather an area where I'll record who is on the stand, to help ID the stand during the game. The brown area will get some flocking and low brush as the paint dries.  Next up the 1st Army Reserve Artillery commander.

This is General Koutaissov,  lining up a reference point for the batteries to deploy facing.   In the actual battle, he died leading a counterattack into on of the works on the battlefield, thus leaving the cannons in reserve without a commander.   Maybe we can keep him busy with ordering guns about and he can miss catching the enemy in  a bad way for him personally.

Just like a Cavalry man to strke a pose!

 The next figure represents the commander of the Cavalry in First Army, General Ouvarov.  The figure looks as if he is at ease for the moment and definitely not impressed with the enemies' efforts so far.  I do hope the Russian cavalry does as well as they did in the play testing..

The figure wearing the overcoat across one shoulder represents General Osterman Tolstoy.  Yep, that Tolstoy. Both the Ouvarov and the Tolstoy figures have enough personality to sit in as Corp Commanders with the aid of a lager base or 'hangers-on'  so again, no snow but a place to write the name down is shown.
The bases for all the single figures are wooden, two inch circles from one of the two craft stores.

I wonder what his order sheet says?
Finally, the figure for the Commander of he 1st Army of the West, General Barclay de Tolly.
 He'll hang with Kutusov at first, but could be moved to a trouble spot as needed during the game. 

I did not do the General Wilson figure, he observed, did not command.   I do promise he'll show up at a later date.

The Russian Green is a craft paint color 'Black Green,' the grey coats a color called 'Hippo Grey' ( also a craft color) the red, white and gold from tubes of artists these for coverage and control. Flesh is from Howard Hues, brass and steel from Vallejo.  Black from a craft color and Vallejjo.

Ground cover is extra coarse artists' pumice, from Blick Art Supply store.  I liked the way it looked, I may start using this on stands instead of white glue and sand.  Color by lifelike ground cover-brown.

Hope you get to the table in July at Fredericksburg, we (the Hofkreig Rats) do a different game each of Thursday, Friday and Saturday, evenings at 7, Polotsk, Borodino, Maloyaloslavets, ...I think I have got the order correct.

Dang, just as I am typing the middle of this post, the order from England including the ambulance set for the Russians arrived in my mailbox. Maybe I am not done yet.  It's 100 degrees F and very muggy outside, so I cannot even prime the figures today, nor tomorrow as it is to be the third day of 90 plus here in CT.  It is summer but Mother Nature is being a bit literal with the first three days being so hot.  Yesterday was 97 F. 

But then, I have had central air since last summer! ;-)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Muster of the units for Historicon's 1812 battles

Well, it's the first day of summer and so there are just four weeks left to paint and prep for Historicon, with a few days of beach time at the Cape thrown in before the trip. 

The Russian units are ready as promised, here are the 'mustering' shots  before they are put in their traveling containers. 

The first shot is an overall view of the infantry division, which will do double duty as a corps .... the figure ratio being higher in FoB compared to my normal  LeGrog's games.  There are figures only weeks painted and some that have been done for over thirty years. I did do some remounting to get them all to look consistent on the table.  Figures include pre and post 1978 Minifigs, OG, and Ellerburn ( I think) in the various units, the flags are mostly Warflag with on or two hand painted ones.

The next shot are the grenadiers, filling in as a combined grenadier division for the 2nd Army of the West.  A mix of Sash and Saber and Minifigs, the age range of the units is from one to thirty years 'time on table,' the S&S figures being part of the painting for this project.

Artillery units are also represented, here are some of the Reserve batteries which will hopefully make it on table.  There are also the batteries for the two infantry divisions being fielded.  Mostly Minifig, with some new Perry miniatures figures in the 1809 shako serving as well.

Last up, the Hussars and Dragoons,  featured in an earlier blog entry and joined by some Cossacks. One unit of the Cossacks are OG from the wonderful Renaissance range, the other are Minifigs I painted fresh out of college, late '74 or early '75.  I think the Cossack units we will have on table span most every maker, OG, Front Rank, Hinchcliffe, & Minifig.

Now on to the generals, the High Command pack from the Pery's;  but that's for another post. 

Look for us at the PK Hofkriegrats version of Borodino on Sturday night!

Check out Peter's "Blunder s on the Danube" and Barry's "Barry's Redoubt" blogs for their units and prep -- I only painted and playtested, they sweated out the scenario design. In the links section.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Aquarians strike back

The squadrons met up at the star sector assigned.  A powerful squadron of the "Green  Hell" armada was joined by a cruiser squadron of the "Screaming Yellow Zonkers."  In all, seven cruisers, a destroyer leader and three star bombers were on an interception course with a strong Carnivore force.

Thus we started the third game we've played of the Galactic Knights space game.  We really zipped through the four turns of the game, with only two look ups of rules required, both just to check details on missiles and fighters.   The game ran about two and one half hours, a nice afternoon pace.

The Carnivores, freshly primed by Roger from the box in which they were mailed, consisted of a battle cruiser, three cruisers, a destroyer leader, three destroyers and three star bombers.

Both sides centered their heavy ships, the Carnivores deploying the destroyers and Destroyer leader to their left and the star bombers to the right.  The Aquarians (we played these as Terrans as the Aquarian specific rules aren't published yet) deployed the star bombers on their left, opposite the Carnivores same class, and matched the Carnivore destroyer flotilla with three cruisers and a Destroyer leader of their own.  The four remaining Aquarian cruisers faced off against the three Carnivore cruisers and the Battle Cruiser.

The side spent two turns slowly closing but still at long range, both trying to damage one or two enemy ships with just heavy particle beams.   On turn three, all there goodies came out of the bags.   The Aquarian launched missiles from all seven cruisers, targeting the destroyer leader and two Carnivore star bombers.  The carnivores, out of range for their own missiles to work, launched all 15 avaialble Bobcat light fighters, with an antimissile program.

Thee result was  that 70% of the missiles did not get through the fighter/point defenses of the Carnivores, but that the ones that did hit tore through a lot of armor, allowing the follow up gunnery to destroy a star bomber, cripple another, as well as make the Carnivore left flank squadron lose one destroyer's armor.  the Aquarians took armor damage on three cruisers ad lost a star bomber.

On turn four, both sides led with their remaining star bombers and the Aquarians shot off their remaining missiles.  No fighters available and the loss of a few ships meant the Carnivorean point defense had to go it alone, with fewer guns than turn three. The result was the loss of  the remaining Carnivore star bomber, the destroyer leader and a second destroyer, a well as damage on two cruisers as some Aquarian gunnery shots actually got through the tough Carnivorean armor.

The Aquarians did not get away unscathed as two cruisers suffered significant damage and a third received small amounts of internal hits and all three of these cruisers were without armor on one side or the other.  The Carnivores, now outnumbered and unwilling to continue with the odds against them, broke off the action.

The Aquarians at that turned back this Carnivorian effort to penetrate their systems, but were still down the carrier and escorts and had not destroyed a Carnivorian ship larger than a DDL.

My friend Roger mentioned we both played better, and the fleets were interestingly different but seemed more likely to be balanced as we learned the tactics both of the game mechanics and the weaponry of the fleets involved.   There will definitely be more space action this summer!

Three Hussars, part 2

I have to sandwich these in between other projects as I do not want to rush the job painting these figures.

That said, the Hinterland Hussar figures are fun to paint up. Lots of detail.

A few days ago the grand-daughters got a look at their 'work in progress' Hussar figures.   One comment, "Grandpa, that's not black" said one as she viewed her figure's coat.  Tough customers, those six year olds!  Honest, I had only done the charcoal base coat, not the final black wash!

One (on the right) will have a black coat with dark grey skirt and black busby with red busby bag and petticoat.  There will be another (in center) with black coat , busby and bag as above grey skirt and purple petticoat.  The third (on the left) will be a blue coat with a purple skirt, white petticoat, busby and busby bag as the others.

The Russians are coming, soon, really!

Well, the artillery crew is nearly done, as the jager  and line battalion for Historicon's Russia 1812 game series.    The OG figures in overcoats will get a brown wash, some craft paint mixed with the 'magic wash.'

 The first battalion is done, and mounted on stands.  That unit will wait until the other two battalions are complete before the bases are dressed.  The figure shown is obviously 'in progress.'  I'll have to finish the last battalions,  the crews for the 12 pounders and the riders for the limber.

 I have selected a few of the figures from the High Command set (Perry Miniatures)  to form this vignette on a larger base.  Shown above are Kutusov, his Chief and staff and QM General.  All the detail work yet to be done.  Look for them near the Russian baseline at the FoB Borodino game this Historicon.

 The remaining Russian generals in these two photos, just chock full of animation and details; lots of blue, gold, and black yet to be done here!
It's a rainy day, I have two more posts to make and then it's back ti the painting table until the social event of the day occurs.