Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Muster of the units for Historicon's 1812 battles

Well, it's the first day of summer and so there are just four weeks left to paint and prep for Historicon, with a few days of beach time at the Cape thrown in before the trip. 

The Russian units are ready as promised, here are the 'mustering' shots  before they are put in their traveling containers. 

The first shot is an overall view of the infantry division, which will do double duty as a corps .... the figure ratio being higher in FoB compared to my normal  LeGrog's games.  There are figures only weeks painted and some that have been done for over thirty years. I did do some remounting to get them all to look consistent on the table.  Figures include pre and post 1978 Minifigs, OG, and Ellerburn ( I think) in the various units, the flags are mostly Warflag with on or two hand painted ones.

The next shot are the grenadiers, filling in as a combined grenadier division for the 2nd Army of the West.  A mix of Sash and Saber and Minifigs, the age range of the units is from one to thirty years 'time on table,' the S&S figures being part of the painting for this project.

Artillery units are also represented, here are some of the Reserve batteries which will hopefully make it on table.  There are also the batteries for the two infantry divisions being fielded.  Mostly Minifig, with some new Perry miniatures figures in the 1809 shako serving as well.

Last up, the Hussars and Dragoons,  featured in an earlier blog entry and joined by some Cossacks. One unit of the Cossacks are OG from the wonderful Renaissance range, the other are Minifigs I painted fresh out of college, late '74 or early '75.  I think the Cossack units we will have on table span most every maker, OG, Front Rank, Hinchcliffe, & Minifig.

Now on to the generals, the High Command pack from the Pery's;  but that's for another post. 

Look for us at the PK Hofkriegrats version of Borodino on Sturday night!

Check out Peter's "Blunder s on the Danube" and Barry's "Barry's Redoubt" blogs for their units and prep -- I only painted and playtested, they sweated out the scenario design. In the links section.


  1. Looking wonderful Joe. All those Rusian guns; and that is but a few of them! The hussars are especially splendid.

    1. Thanks James, yes there will be many more guns both Russian and French on the table!

  2. Looking good, Joe. Almost done with my Russian Guard Jagers and Russian Artillery crews; just have to figureb out how many new guns I need, and paint them plus a single remaining French Old Guard battery.

    Looks like we'll make it. Phew!


    1. This is good to hear, just today Pat asked me if we were all going to be done, or would we be painting the days of the con to get troops on the table in the evenings.