Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Packed up and ready, on to Historicon

Well the troops and terrain are stowed, ready for the transfer at Peter's house.

We'll be down to Fredericksburg Wednesday night, then set up the three games on Thursday, Friday and Saturday respectively.   I even remembered to pack the camera, with extra batteries!

I'll be without PC for the trip, but I will either post Sunday evening and Monday or find a way to log on while at the 'con.  I am starting to enjoy the anticipation.  It's the first H-Con since 2009 for me.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend of gaming! Any starships involved, or is it all Napoleonics?

  2. The rest of the week is the big 3 Napoleonics games...Borodino has over 2000 figures on the table... and shopping for a few items.

    No planned starship games, but since the schedule is pretty open except during one of the games, who knows?

    When I return, the fleets will go at it again as we try to stop the dreaded Carnivores with Terran fleet resources- since te Aquarian rules are not out yet.

    I did just download the Starfleet Battles Campaign expansion which was featured on the miniatures page today. I believe it will have great usefulness to setting up a campaign which my main gaming partner will be interested in playing.

  3. See you in the AM Joe; and post Historicon plans for me include my Entomalian ships. Who knows, might get a starship game in at HCon next year - they are certainly MUCH easier to set up and take down, LOL! Then there are those 15mm Renaissance galleys, and...