Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Farther into August, more on the descent into madness

Well, besides the work spent on the space campaign and Napoleonic troops, there has been a further descent into Pulp Era scenarios.   These scenarios are all part of a long term program to have several interdependent scenarios ready for small group play...say four to six players.

In order to do this, there need to be enough factions to make the table interesting.  Just before Historicon, I came to the realization that I did not have enough bad guys.   I mean, you just can't have all heroes and expect a good game.  Hence this years heavy purchase of 'bad guys.'  Gangsters, German 1920's and '30's troops, Aliens....all grist for the mill.  Throw in a couple of beasties and it's done, except the painting.

I've been busy juggling old car repairs and the process of replacing the old car with  a new one.  Maybe this next week will be easier to get a game  finished.

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