Monday, August 27, 2012

Quatre Bras units continued, FFL Officers photos

Finished up the Seaforth 's and a unit of Cornwall foot. I have one highland and one line battalion of Brits to paint.  Next it would be on to the Hanoverians.  Photos soon, I promise.

I have interspersed this effort with some other figures, mostly from Pulp-Figures by Bob Murch.

And, on Sunday, I was vindicated with saying I too could play at  the new WW2 games planned.  I have a platoon of about twenty FFL in late 1920's & 1930's .  Here are examples of the officers.

Spiffy, no?  Great figures by Artizan, they are destined for lots of play if the local WW2 platoon level games occur.


  1. Waiting for the pics of the Brits myself. You know how I feel about Kakhi! :-)


  2. There will be photos, soon! Two more units to paint and the British brigades at QB will be done, and I all ready have over half the HAnoverians I need to finish up.

    Well, there are several batteries of artillery to do as well. SO far I only have the batteries for Picton's Division.

    The WW2 is the next fad here, I am just glad I have figures in Khaki that can play in the 30's to the end of WW2.