Thursday, October 4, 2012

A little matter of ownership

It was really awesome to see them, the Tharks, come in the compound.  Almost twice as tall as a human, wielding huge weapons, they almost seem from legend.

Lt.  Simpson, 3rd US Cavalry, was pleased to see one of the warriors was Tharkul, chief of the tribe that ranged over an area five hundred miles in all directions from the canal city he was stationed near.  What puzzled him were the pieces of metal hanging off their mounts.

The pieces were dull colored, irregularly shaped and obviously in some sort of damaged state. They were not the trade stuff the Tharks liked to bring into the markets, nor were they the new sheets of steel they purchased. 

It also struck the Lieutenant that Tharkul seemed in very good spirits.  All he said was that 'Thark rifles range farther than lightning from thimbles.'

 The Lt. mentioned in his report he was in receipt of what appeared to be paybooks, written in either Danish or Swedish and some personal effects of soldiers.  The Tharks said they are not sure they found all the remains, but buried over a dozen bodies damaged by the 'thimbles' electrical weapons.

For some background on the targets of the Tharks see Czar Barry's blog. It's actually the inspiration for this vignette.  It only took  year for me to paint the three grouped Tharks. Tharkul, being older and darker, was painted a couple of years ago.  Now, he has someone to hunt with him on the plains of Mars.

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