Sunday, November 25, 2012

Finishing what I started: Map on garden cloth.

I did not make it to Ellis Con this year, real life got in the way.   Things have straightened themselves out somewhat, so I went down into the cellar and completed the game cloth for the  Snappy Nappy scenario map.  I am pleased with the final result.  Here is the photo, complete as it would have made its appearance.

A little shot of the 'farther end' of the table.  The road net and rivers 'drop off' where the map ended. The mat was to represent map 'C" in the campaign.  You can see all the maps on Gonsalvo's blog if you were to go here
  and scroll down until you find map 'C.'

Some of you might observe the GeoHex  being used as hills and also the stack to the right rear of the photo.  Why do the mat if I already have the GeoHex?  Well, the mat will roll up and later roll out flat. The mat takes up so little room, only the 4 foot length is something you have to consider when storing for later use or transit.  The GeoHex is wonderful stuff, but like any foam based product, is bulky.  Since I have switched over to a smaller car, room for transport will be at a premium.

Also, at a convention or even at an away game at the local hobby store, the set up time for traditional hill and road/river gear is measured by thirty minute increments.  GeoHex increases the time by at least 30 minutes.  The mat rolls out in under one minute.  Now the hills, trees, man made structures and shrubbery are all that remain to be placed....and the mat can be marked for those items.  I left 'voids' or unpainted surfaces to place the buildings on this mat.

When I do the next one...and I must say, these mats will improve the set up time immensely, I will use some sort of cheap white paint as a primer.  The black plastic acted practically as a sponge on the craft paints, the interior house paint and the gesso!  The gesso did leave behind a nice 'texture' for the road, so that will also be included next time.

The final nice part about this "map" is that I can flip it over and start a different map on the 'B" side. Did I mention it's cheap?

Maybe I'll play a solo game on the mat this week.


  1. Looks very good, Joe. Of course, I know what you mean about setting up a game with GeoHex, of course. A few small hills on top are no big deal, but large areas (like Maloyarslavets) are very time (and space)consuming, especially for a convention.

    The mat definitely cries out for a game to be played upon it!

    1. The mat is permanent, so whenever 1809 rolls around again.....

  2. Nice looking table. I like the look of the Geo Hex hills.

  3. Geo Hex looks great and is very flexible as to what you can model with the '7 basic shapes.' I can do up a table that uses all the Geo Hex and it looks very good for skirmishes.