Thursday, November 15, 2012

Getting ready for Elliscon

We've (the local group) are going to run a game of "Snappy Nappy" at Elliscon the weekend of the 17th.  The convention is a neat, one day, local convention being run for over 20 years.  A Danielson, CT high school club mans the pumps for the effort; you can even get help loading and unloading for a game set up!  9 top 9 on Saturday November the 17th.

Anyway, I get to set up two tables per the 'guy in charge' of the Snappy Nappy game.  We call him Peter, many of you know him as Gonsalvo. You can check out the whole idea at his blog, Blunders on the Danube. .  The concept is an entire campaign in a day.  The 1809 campaign is what he'll be modeling.

So to dress two tables after a two hour drive, I looked for an easy way out. I decided to try something I saw at Historicon several years ago in the FoW tourney area.   The folk in charge of the table scenery had used garden cloth, the black plastic underlayment used in gardening, as the ground cloth for the tables.  The groundcloths were painted so that the roads, rivers, fields and other major detail showed. Buildings and hills, vegetation and man made features were then placed.  The sheets are tough (they are designed to withstand heat, sunlight, water, being buried) flexible-they roll up, light when used in the size for a wargame table-even a big one, and petty cheap as you get the rolls in 50 yard lengths for $20 to $30 depending on sales, etc from hardware stores and garden supply centers.
So without a net, I decided to try this on one of the tables. I had some of the 'groundcloth' left over from a garden project, and some paint and some gesso and two evenings with some spare time. Here's the first pass, showing some of the roadnet primed, some painted in an ochre brown, and some of the green showing. The gloss is because the paint is still wet, the finish of the paint will be flat. 

Some of the materials used in the project.  Blick is  small art suply chain, I have been getting stuff from there for years.  Again, I had the stuff, might as well use it!
The green is actually an interior green wall paint from the Sherwin Williams line, I am sure most any brand that custom mixes colors can replicate to the shade I chose, which is a close approximation of the Geo Hex brand green paint I use for basing. It's a lot cheaper to do terrain out of a quart cam than a hobby bottle.

I'll get a shot of the finished table out in a few days.

The other table will feature the old standby felt cloth, felt or foam hills, roads rivers and such. 

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