Sunday, November 18, 2012

Small projects Pulp stuff

I have been tied up with some real life stuff over the last two weeks, and did not even make it yesterday to EllisCon.  Rather than wait for the AAR from that convention to appear on Peter's blog ( Blunders on the Danube),   I thought I'd  catch up on some recent work.  I have some Indian army painted up as NWF participants and some Space Invaders pretty much out of the 1950's.

 Depth of field with the point and shoot is problematic, I need to consult the manual to see if I can keep the shutter open longer.
 I know, I need to dress the bases.  Hmm, spaceship floor or regular lava field?
 Highly advanced Space Invaders bring their own support weapons.  I may put these guys in some sort of conveyance. The fellow to front must have been the one to lug the heavy piece, he looks spent.  Or is he noticing he does not have shoelaces?
Will the soldiers get off their shots before the alien frammus messes with them?  Tune in next time.....

The Indian army castings are OG from the colonial line.  The Space Invaders are from Bob Murch's Pulp Figures. Since the holiday season means fewer and shorter games are likely over the next few weeks, these fellows may soon square off against each other or some other foes in a Pulp era game.  I used some craft paints marked Khaki from the Americana line, a wash of 'walnut' stain from the same brand.  The paints for the gunstock  and barrel were from Howard Hues and Vallejo respectively.

The turban includes the wrapping showing a patch of 'Blue Bell' Americana and a dark stripe of 'Opaque Blue' from the Ceramcoat line.   The aliens are a coat of Ceramcoat Dolphin blue, with some of the Bluebell in spots as wel as black equipment belts.

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