Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What next? Several options, seeking comments!

I have a lot of semi painted 28mm stuff in my queue at present mostly British, Hanoverian, Russian, Austrian and Prussian Napoleonics, some Spanish Civil War and some 16-17th century Ottomans.

It's likely to come out slowly for a while, so I'd like to share some of my other collections.

I have, in no particular order, 25mm Swedish Napoleonics, a lot of Darkest Africa and other colonial forces, some 28mm Franco-Prussian era French, Prussians, and some Austrians of the 1855 period, a brigade of 25mm Dixon Union troops from American Civil War, a series of 25mm Renaissance and 17th Century armies,  and in both 20mm and 15mm various forces from World War Two projects. Oh, yes, some 40K and 28mm  'Pulp' (which I consider 1920's and '30's) stuff as well.

What would you like to see? Would you prefer a straight showing or some quick battle reports with the mentioned ranges?

(Yes, I am a gadfly, but it's nearing to Christmas and my hobby time goes down dramatically in December.)


  1. I'd say post whatever you feel like showing, in the order you prefer. I have quite a backlog of material to post at present, but will probably start a series on my (Napoleonic) Danes in January. The Swedes aren't seen very often, either...


  2. Maybe I should save the Swedes for the saga of their rebasing that will happen soon.

  3. A battle with a lot of miniatures svp!