Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Out of the mouths of Babes

My grand daughters, aged 4 and 6, were over this weekend, from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.   We watched a Star Wars (A New Hope, we only like the 3 released in the theaters first) and had the obligatory reading of a Fairy Tale ( "Puss in Boots" ). 

My six year old grand daughter likes to come down and see what's happening at the gaming table.  As she perused the terrain for the Bolt Action game she had several comments for me.

" Can I move the figures and terrain around?,"  "Do you have any monsters?"

I said I did, she got two Pulp Mini 'Big hairy Hominid' figures out and pronounced them gorillas.

Then she spied the Denny's drink cup doing a second career as a spaceship.  That had to go on the table.

I was arranging some stuff on my workbench;  as I looked back, she had surrounded the space ship with a squad of infantry.  I had to ask.

"What are the men doing?"

"The are making sure the aliens in the ship don't hurt the gorillas."

"Oh, ok. What do the aliens look like?"

"Umm, I'm not sure."

"Are they short or are they tall?"

"They're short, but they can get tall."

"Are they cute or ugly/"

"They're ugly!"

"What color are they/"

"They're green!"

I got out a couple of space orcs with pistols and asked did the aliens look like this?

She said yes, after her eyes lit up.  She is on the way to being the better sort of girl, as mentioned by HG Wells.

Then she asked me the question that put me in my place," Grandpa, do you have any figures that don't have guns?"

I am guessing she does not mean my horse archers............

I suppose some civilians from Bob Murch need to be ordered  and painted up.

Kids, gotta' love them.


  1. Reminds me a bit of my girls at similar ages; they referred to the wargames table in my basement as my "kingdom", and liked to play with the scenery, etc, but weren't really into conflict!

  2. Yeah, I guess in later years they'll all be model railroaders and inflict photos of their new layouts on us in the nursing home.

  3. Observant child who is only helping you with your next order...:)

  4. You could always say that you are preparing her for the America that the NRA wants...?! :-)

  5. We're from CT. I used to work near Newton. I doubt she's NRA material. I worked at Colt Firearms for 10 years and I am not. At least until they change a bit.

    1. Sorry Joe, no offence intended, in fact quite the opposite. I guess that my sarcasm was lost in the kilometres and translation from 'Australian' to 'American' (lol).
      Perhaps I'll limit my comments to those about figures and games...
      All the best,

    2. None taken, James...I often use a little irony myself. It is the hardest thing to come across in internet writing, but you did leave enough of a hint!

      I'm also a bit plainspoken at times, to state the obvious.