Friday, February 8, 2013

Gordons, Hanoverian militia

Well, the title explains a lot, a bunch of units that just jumped up and said they needed to be finished, that I'd spent enough time doing things like watching Torchwood episodes, re-organizing figure storage and exploring boardgames new and old.

First up is the first of the 4 militia battalions in Best's brigade.  The  brigade's other  units are yet to be ordered but will look very similar.  I need to get some Hanoverian flags as this is part of Best's Brigade but I also have Kielmansegge's brigade to paint up. These are the Perry miniatures Hanoverian militia ' marching, relaxed.'

Next up are the Gordon Highlanders, a part of Pack's Brigade in Picton's division. The yellow facings were a change from the blue and green facings I had been doing.  I started off last year with a Highland infantry unit, so I suppose this is the end of that group of three. This unit I did with the figures shown at the charge, differing from the Black Watch and the Seaforth battalions which are both at the advance. The figures are Perry, the standards from the Warflag/Napflag site, the staffs are brass wire.

 I did finish the two units within a couple days of each other, and today being a 'snow day' ( New England is supposed to get between one and two and one half feet  of snow ) I will attempt to complete their basing.

For the photos, I resorted to the trick MW and WI often used, that is to scatter flock on the unfinished stands, for the shoot, and then return the loose flock into the container.

If I get ambitious and lucky, you may see Braun's Hanoverian Battery and the Kielmansegge Jagers with proper basing as well.

That said, there are several bottles of refreshment, two Pizzas, some Shepherd's Pie, pork chops, ice cream and nachos,  even strawberries for a fruit concoction in competition with the basing for my attention over the next couple of days.    Ahhh, winter. Good thing we just finished all of the Torchwood episodes on Netflix.


  1. Nice paint job Joe. You must be getting close to having the Allies for Quatre Bras all "sorted", are you?

  2. I just lost the lengthy, well thought out response, that's what I get for not saving! Thanks for the kind words on the figures, they actually look better in person as the photo does not show the illusion of depth the protective coating of 'magic wash' gives.

    The two Hanoverian brigades are the next units in the queue for the project. Best's Brigade has three more battalions of militia, for which I must first procure the castings. The brigade representing Kielmansegge's command is on hand and the figures are primed, so you should start seeing progress on them in the next couple of months.

    I need to start on the 18" of snow on my sidewalks...right about now I feel like a genius for paying for driveway plowing, but the rest of today and tomorrow will most likely be open for at least some painting.

    After the two Hanoverian brigades it is down to the British Guards Brigade that arrives and clears out Bossu Wood, two R.A. batteries and two R.H.A. batteries. I may very well purchase the figures pre painted for the Guards infantry.
    THere will be the odd command figures and some more casualties to obtain and paint as well.

    On the Allied side, it would be done unless I decide to represent the 1st Nassau Regiment that arrived at 9PM and from all the sources I have read did not get engaged. Still, technically they made it before dark....and the uniforms look like fun to paint.

  3. Coming along very nicely; I spent a good part of the "snow day" painting as well.