Sunday, March 10, 2013

Finally, a nice day!

With the temperature breaking 50 degrees F for the first time since November, I took the opportunity to prime the units that needed either a second coat or to be covered at all.

In this glorious afternoon I managed to get primed -----

18 Perry British Heavy Dragoons (yep, rest of the Union Brigade)  This is a project that I've always meant to do, now I can finish them sometime this year.

4 Hinterland Hussars, mounted (brings the unit up to 10)  These figures are just so cool, they really 'hit the spot' with me for  core of a Imagination set in the middle of Europe somewhere in the late 1800's to early twentieth century.

48 Prussian Reservists OG 2ed    Hey, I did a battery and a regiment already, this makes the brigade come within striking distance.  Just need some landwehr, now.

20 plus Bolt Action early WW2 Poles     I have this army in 20mm for Command Decision, now I can do skirmish with the Bolt Action rules for the theater.

5 NWF Indian Army NCO's, OG   These fellows don't have units to comamnd, but are such nice figures I need to paint up some as either characters or simply to swap out for the regular NCO's.

I also cleaned up  a bunch of voids in over thirty Empress figures from the SCWline (militia and Republican)  and some mobsters from the pulp figures I obtained from Brigade Games.

So the choices to paint something shiny just got a lot bigger!

So many figures, so little time!  ;-)

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