Monday, May 20, 2013

Hanoverian Verden Battalion, or, Why I like leftovers

I had purchased a few battalions worth of the Old Glory 2nd Edition in the pre-painted form a couple of years ago to jump start the British brigades of Pack, Kempt and Halkett.  The price and  the quality of the paint job were just really too good for me to pass up.

I did have a few leftover figures, and recently put those with the green facings to good use, as part of the Hanoverian field battalion Verden. Turns out the uniform detail and the facing color is 'close enough' at least for me, to have six shako'd OG mix in with 12 capped Hanoverian castings from the Perry line. I will keep the headgear separate by stand, but the unit is done in record time.  Here are a couple shots of the Filed Battalion Verden.

Here is most of the unit.....

And a close up......

The fellows in the caps are painted with a craft paint cardinal red, tube acrylic yellow for the hat band and sashes, a craft paint dark brown for the muskets, Vallejo for the flesh, brass and gunmetal. The white for the cross belts is also an artist acrylic tube paint, it really is a much crisper white in person.

Basing uses Litko bases, sand glued with PVA (Elmer's) washed over with burnt umber from lifelike and flocked with static grass.

The next unit will most likely be either the field battalion Bremen or the Luneberg Jager battalion. After that, the York field battalion will complete the Kielmansegge brigade. Lots to paint, the grass is in keen competition with the indoor projects!


  1. Some of my more interesting units have been raised from Leftovers as well!

  2. Now with the pics uploaded, very unusual looking unit!

  3. Some beautiful minis, great poses and painting style!