Saturday, June 22, 2013

It's quiet, too quiet

Crazy schedules, broken phone lines, water leaking into the basement and general mayhem have prevented me from blogging or painting or actually much of anything hobby related.

Today I hope to get in  little painting, and definitely some priming of reinforcements.  There are 2 Royal Artillery and two Royal Horse Artillery batteries (eight gun models, 32 crew) as well as some fill in figures for bringing the Hanoverian militia units units to a full 18 figures each.

But first, I take my granddaughter and wife to see an exhibit of items unearthed by a class of Anthropology students; a dig at a local site which is owned by a Yale University Library.  Evidently they have found some stone tools that push back the estimated time frame of the earliest settlements  in the local area to 4000 BC. (or BCE, if you prefer)

Saw the Great Gatsby movie last night.  It was done well, I tried to ignore the anachronistic pieces of music in the party scenes...the visuals were well done.   We viewed the film in a movie pub  where you can order food and drink.  A pitcher of Sam Adams' beer makes most any movie at least a 'half star' better.

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