Tuesday, August 6, 2013

ACW Infantry units

The infantry were the core of our ACW project. We chose Johnny Reb as the rule set, we wanted something tactical in nature.  We chose to do a brigade of infantry per side as we had usually a 7pm to 10:30 pm weeknight window for gaming.  We got a good number of games played with the amount of units we made.  We painted the side we were most interested in playing, so everything about this era was covered!

Here are two of the ACW infantry units painted, eh, awhile ago, again, all the figures here Dixon.  The first unit was the 54th Mass(achusettes).

The 54th Mass., yes, from the Glory movie.

 Close up of the color stand.
Detail on one of the bases.

 Other end of the line.
 The 76th Pennsylvania, the Keystone Zouaves.
Color stand of the Keystones.

I just looked on the bottom of the stands....these units are 20+ years old!  That's the good part about historical  games.  The figures don't go out of vogue based on a change in ruleset!

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  1. Some interesting units there, and needless to say I agree fully about Historicals never being rendered useless by the latest rules set. The basing, sometimes, but most newer sets seem to try to be relatively basing independent... thank goodness!