Sunday, September 8, 2013

A little housekeeping

We were at a warehouse club store and we passed by a label maker.  You  can assume I tried the indirect approach (my wife teaches, what teacher would not want a label maker?);  but my wife said we did not need one.

So instead I went back through the blog, added labels to make finding articles by subject type a little easier.  There are a few  posts with no labels, these are mostly posts referring to the moment at hand and can be safely skipped if you are looking for uniform info or photos of toys.

I have also posted some photos of Cossack and Ottoman units from the 16/17th century era collections, more will come as time goes on and I get some decent photos of my Poles and the other Ottomans. The page on space and sci-fi is a place holder right now, but will see some activity soon.

I also will keep the swap page up and current, deleting sold items and adding stuff from projects that are being closed off.

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