Saturday, September 7, 2013

Luneberg Battalion, last of Kielmansegge's brigade

Coming down to the the last few units of the Quatre Bras Anglo-Dutch forces.  The final of the five units in Kielmansegge's Brigade is the Luneberg field battalion. 

Great little unit, again the Perry's did a marvelous job in covering some variation in the uniform, albeit mostly the headgear.  I chose to be closer to 1815 than 1813 in the sash colors...if you prefer the earlier version use red instead of gold on the officers.

 Unit details include a variety of head wear, the officer's lace/braid and continued use of the blue pants from the origination as a light unit.

 Here is a  photos of the assembled brigade...although I still need a commander figure to represent Kielmansegge himself.

 I don't know what he (Kielmansegge) wore at Q-B, someone on the Miniatures page suggested the mounted rifle brigade officer from a Perry command pack.  I think I will use the figure, it has a lot of character.

BH63 Mounted Light Infantry colonels.


  1. Very nice looking brigade of rarely seen troops!

    1. Well, locally we may get a few games with them on the table, both in any 1815 action as well as our imagination campaign!

  2. Excellent - There's much more than only waterloo that can be plyed with these gents.

  3. I expect some 1813 and 1814 action as well!