Sunday, March 15, 2015

A very different sort of game

We hosted the grand daughters overnight a week ago, a trip to see a local production of The Wizard of Oz meant a late night out and since there was a rare open Saturday the next day, it turned out great.

Now you'd think two girls (six and eight) might be a handful. Especially on a cold dreary March day where they basically needed to play indoors. Not with these two.  I was sent to reclaim the dinosaurs from the basement, and helped set out a proper table complete with landscape. The next three hours was spent accomplishing some paperwork and listening to some wonderful free form play.  Three hours, two players,  no squabbling.  Amazingly, I did not hear a male character mentioned the entire time. Go figure!

The photos show it all:
 Dining table Dinosaur land

 The two players.

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  1. Cute ladies! That's about what Kate used to do down in "my Kingdom". Nothing better than free from play for exercising the imagination!