Sunday, August 30, 2015

Some more cavalry completed

Two units complete.  Ok, one is a cheat as I got it in a trade, but it gets on the table, so it counts!

First up is the easy one.  The 14th Cuirassier, from my friend Roger, in a trade for some various figures. It completes my need for a second regiment at Quatre Bras.

I traded some of the new Perry Light Dragoons, early uniform for Roger to complete his Peninsular British.  Really a win-win.  Now I just need to paint up a Pire for the lights and a Kellerman for the heavies, and the overall structure is there for the French cavalry.

Next up is the first unit of Hanoverian Hussars built up from the Perry plastic set.  I chose to start with the Bremen and Verden Hussars.  Astute collectors will notice the unit is the first on the page of the Perry Brothers enclosed painting guide. Maybe that's why they got painted first. I dunno, and that's my story.
 Close up of the trumpeter & Officer
 Full unit

I found that until nearly finished, I did not enjoy painting these figures...the uniform just did not seem to want to be done, with many errors of omission to be repainted as I slogged through the details. Then suddenly effort became satisfying and I am very pleased with the result.  On to the Cumberland and the Prince Regent hussars.

  I am also almost done with the third unit of Dutch Belgian Carbineers, I'll post as I complete the unit.


  1. The Hussars with green pelisses or dolmans make a nice change of color from the usual blues of the British and KGL units.

    I think the next units on my opwn painting table will be some British HC; maybe the Horseguards and Lifeguards

  2. I'll have plenty of blue coats as I get to the light dragoons. I should probably do some officers next as I need brigade and division commanders.

    Not a bad summer overall, some four cavalry units painted and a fifth added in the trade. Lots of other primed units in the queue.

    I will look forward to your Horseguards. I'll do the Blues.