17th Century Eastern Europe

A place holder to describe my Polish, Ottoman Turk and Cossack forces.  Photos to follow

Polish Army units
5 Hussar (Winged)

6 Pancerni
2 Rajtar
1 Cuirassier
1 Dragoon
Tartar Horse
4 European Uniformed troops
3 Polish Costume foot troops
2 Dismounted Dragoon troops
6 Crew stands for artillery


6 Zaporazian foot units, mixed melee weapons with small amounts of Shot.  First a close up of a stand.

 Then a look of one of the units.

And of course, some Orthodox Priests to keep the faithful in line!

 1 Cossack mounted unit, armed with pistols, arquebus, and sword


Sipahis of the Rumelian and/or Anatolian Provinces



  1. Hi Panceri,
    I'm just getting into this period. I plan on using Field of Glory: Renaissance. Well, actually I havent' yet made up my mind between eastern and western armies, but I'm leaning eastern. What miniatures are you using here?

  2. These are all Old Glory Ren range, the Cossacks from the muscovite , Poles from the later Polish and the Ottomans the only non OG - I think the seljuks are dixon and the tartar HA are Foundry.

    The OG range is certainly worth a look....no strange poses as in some earlier ranges.