Wednesday, July 13, 2011

First Post -Austrian Artillery battery in 28mm

The first Austrian battery I have procured in 40 years of war gaming.  I wanted to add an Advance Guard Division to our"Hofkrieg Rats" forces, so I needed among other elements at least one battery of artillery.  I chose the Sash and Saber  crew and guns for the deployed firing line pose and have some of the needed figures from Old Glory for the limbered stands.   I still 'need ' a gun model suitable to seat the riders on the 'sausage seat' of the limbered version. That, and painting the limber team and works.  

The figures painted up nicely, I am happy with the quality of the cannon as well. The cannons are too large for the OG 'sausage rider' casting, hence the need for another bag of lead!  Let's hope the battery shoots straight!


  1. Nice looking troops Joe. Your first Austrian unit was an artillery battery? Your ‘red legs’ are showing.

    Congrats on starting the blog.

  2. Finding a suitable Horse gun for the Austrians in 28mm is not easy. The old minifigs ones were fine, but unobtainable now as far as I know. The Front Rank pones atre too big for Sash and Saber, and the OG ones are absurdly small 0 really 20mm scale at best.

    Welcome to blogging!


    1. Finally, the Perry Bros. newest entry, both the 6 pound gun and accompanying howitzer, with wurst seats. Sadly, no riders....perhaps some pleading would work?