Tuesday, August 31, 2021

August-strange times

A couple of units painted, A couple of games played, a couple reports of units done. 

 What is missing is the AAR on a game so well written, I messed up and at 2 in the morning over  week ago deleted it lock, stock and barrel. I am painstakingly rewriting it, but it is slow going to make it as entertaining as the original draft. 

 Got my Father's Day present and the second wave Wars of Ozz kickstrter troops.

What I can show you is some WIP units and share with you a new game group in the area. 


The soon to be 'Red Cap" mushrooms.


 The Danish General Ewald, formerly a Hessian Jager officer.

Danish couriers.


Second wave Wars of Ozz troops--pumpkin cavalry.

Hammer head infantry.  Pumpkin chucker crew.

And now for local news...Tabletop Hobby, in Kensington (part off Berlin) is starting off a monthly 'Historical game day'.... talk to Dan or Ron.   The first day got postponed a week due to tropical storm Henri.  But only by a week.


Here are a few photos. Dan and Ron are both new to historicals, but eager to build and play. 

Dan's British legions.

Ron prefers the French, and 'top down' command painting.

Some of Ron's cavalry.

Also playing was a young gamer who valiantly squared off against the Grognard at the table. Jacob, I think was his name. The clock ran out before he beat me. My Hanoverians are to the right of frame.

A shot of the other flank, with Dan and Ron trading  jibes and poor dice rolling.  All good fun.
I had to cut and run probably an hour before any game decision,  but there will be another such day in September & October.  I am sure Dave and Ron will have more painted as they play. The store is a great venue, brightly lit, high ceilings, and very clean. That's important right now. 
Now to put some paint on units to finish them.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

More Ozzz new unit

Fresh from the Old Glory folks a  box delivering the 2nd wave kickstarter, the Corn Husks....at least some of them. 



You don't have to go in the woods for a surprise.  An open field will do!

 Later that day, partially flocked first unit.

Wait, who is this ? He's not scheduled yet! Lots more to show.

Perry Danish HQ's

I had placed a small order to the Perry website for the campfire set Danish  HQ and the pack with the elder Ewald figure.  I don't collect Danes in the period, so my wife instigated the order, saying it was good for a Father's Day present.  Ah, holidays!

A few pics of the primed heroes :

Big man himself.

The rest of the pack for vignette.

The portions from the next pack I started in red coats. 

Great detail, I hope to do a little work on these in between painting units of the Swedes. There is also a General Ewald figure, who is in a green uniform, not making it in this batch.

Saturday, August 14, 2021

8/13 game-Chosen Men Imagination

Planned originally as a warmup, the game has taken a life of its own.  Greg showcased all the Carlist War troops he painted to represent the Basque counties of his country, Roger showed off his infantry troops in their their colonial uniforms, and the uniform of the Light Horse of Dahara.

What the following does not chronicle was how relaxed we were at table, the scenario fit into the afternoon with time to spare. ( 550 points per side)

Some of Greg's cavalry with sword.

Others with lances, all sporting spiffy white bonitas.

Small mountain gun battery, the swivel gun range was used.

Initial Basque deployment.

Initial advance by the mounted units.

Unit of Basque enjoy the recent addition of a small pond.

The serried ranks of Dahara, lights, line and cavalry all in supporting distance.

The indiscipline of the Basque units results in a traffic jam.

Fierceness, combined with a trait from the commander allowed the Basque lancers to attack unsupported and yet push back the Daharan Light Horse file.
After the charge, the Daharan infantry's musketry emptied the remaining Basque horseman 's saddles.
 Both sides settled into a long range firefight, game time, i.e. turn 8 brought the scenario, a tie, to an end.

French Forces for FPW

This is a do over, somehow a complete blog entry got scrambled.


Once upon a time, over 25 years ago, I put my FPW collections on the shelf. There were several great strategic board games out on the subject, but no tactical, brigade command or lower miniature games that interested me.  It had always been a niche game,especially in our local area.   Fast forward, with the Perry's releases and promises of more to come, the availability of Blackpowder 2 ed to stretch to the conflict as a tactical ruleset, and quite frankly the additional gamers in the area willing to table-top with miniatures make it feasible for me to dust off some old soldiers.

So, from the catalogues of Foundry, Sussex ( OOP) and Falcon US (OOP), I give for your review, 'the French.'

Yes, you recognize these fellows from a post back around March when I showed some Prussians. Foundry Sailors from the Period.  The officer is my favorite in the range, such a cocky pose.

4 eighteen man line battalions. Sussex figures with Foundry officers.


A Legere unit, 18 strong, all Foundry figures.

Foundry officer and 11 Falcon US Zouaves. Rebasing is in order.

Also some cavalry units

Foundry dismounted Chassuers D'Afrique

The mounted castings.

Spahis, Falcon US figures.

The Chassuers and the Spahis will be given new basing, although they will remain singly mounted.


There will be mounted adversaries as this photo shows some period German Dragoons and light cavalry, both units to be rebased as well.

I will probably use these fellows and their German counterparts in some solo outings to learn Blackpowder's ins & outs. Having each unit representing a company I am intending to use some scenarios from the Grant WRG scenario books. That I bought new. Since I have everything, it is not a 'new' period for me. 

Sunday, August 8, 2021

8/6 game victory and upcoming 8/20 game


 Good news! Our Friday old guy group got the drop on the big bad . Greg pulled off two perfect sets of rolls while casting his new favorite spell, 'Wrack.' Splonk went the '  Star Child' and we  were still standing. The photo shows the moment before victory occurred. The game was fought over two Fridays and featured 5 adventurers against a very haunted mansion.

 I found out earlier this month that Fantasy Flight Games will not be issuing any  new expansion this year, so we will need to be satisfied with revisiting the three quarters of the scenarios that we did not win on the  first pass. 

Next week, a Chosen Men 500 point game to reacquaint with the rules.  The week after, a special scenario featuring swamps, genre crossovers and probably fevered ideas for several more games.   






Friday, August 6, 2021

First week of August progress

 Not a lot done, but some forward motion on a few things.

Skaraborg regiment-battalion command stands wip. Rest of the two battalions in the works, just not worth showing yet.

Swedish jagers, just a basecoat blocked out. Simple uniform. Impetus to finish.

More Swedish jagers again, base coat. Perhaps the unit will get finished to give the Russian jagers some competition.

Finally, a good day to prime the big guy; now for some details. Note the cutting board squares compared to the base.

Game today, so not sure how much painting gets done. Finishing up a Mansions of Madness scenario,  then some planning on the next game.

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Lifgrenadierregementets 1813 Swedes

 The second of the grenadier regiments ( one battalion) in he 1st brigade of the Swedish Corps, Army of the North.

You can see the unit on the updated page on the Swedish Army.

This completes the first brigade for now, remaining  painting hopefully be done in a year on the second battalion on the grenadiers/