Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Lifgrenadierregementets 1813 Swedes

 The second of the grenadier regiments ( one battalion) in he 1st brigade of the Swedish Corps, Army of the North.

You can see the unit on the updated page on the Swedish Army.

This completes the first brigade for now, remaining  painting hopefully be done in a year on the second battalion on the grenadiers/


  1. Old Liquitex color from Blick Art supply "Swedish Blue" which I notice has morphed into "Brilliant Blue."
    Be careful thinning as the color gets brighter very fast when thinned.
    I like the color as it is deep, but not as dark as French or Prussian blue.

  2. I love your Swedes, and these Grenadiers are certainly no exception!

    1. The Army is a fun project. I realized that all 6 brigades are down to 2 to 3 units left to paint. So I am getting there. These grenadier castings by Eagle were a real treat to paint.

  3. More great work on your Swedish collection Joe!

  4. Thanks, It does look like some brigades will be finished this month.