Saturday, May 29, 2021

Unit in progress

Don't know if I finish it tomorrow, but here's the paint table occupant now. 

Progress was halted when I found out the breeches were blue, not white!

Repaint, pants!
They will be commanded by:

But more on that, later. Really, pretty soon.
Meanwhile, lurking further back on the table:
Definitely not Napoleonic!

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

"It all started out so well''...(dog's life)

Poor Val, our 6 month old...


Woke up, went out with dad, did no. 1.

Huh, no treat, went back out with dad, did no. 2.  That always works with him.

I really like the way they have caught on to the potty bell.  sometimes they speak as if they have moments where they disbelieve my intentions, but they usually give in. Sometimes I just want the fresh air.

 Huh, we skipped my breakfast, and the treat I deserve....but we are going in the car!  For a ride!

The ride was fun, I had not been in the car so long, but mom says I did good.

A house full of other dogs! This nice lady lead me  in, I got my own pen. I met several other nice people!

 Ooh, they gave me a shot.  It's getting quieter, some of the other dogs stopped barking.  I feel sleepy....

Mom, Dad, can I go home now?  Wait! What is this?  Another car ride, but I am too tired to enjoy it much.

I feel ridiculous, but I am too tired to care.  Not really hungry, just hold me 'til I fall asleep.

( Yes, poor thing endured her spaying like a champ.)


Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Anno Domini 1666 kickstarter over.

 The hours crept by, stretch goals attained, now all to do is sit out a year until delivery. 

The mix of 21 characters included several winks to pop culture, these used to flesh out the Monster Hunter and Viennese Mafia factions. Some great ideas for linked scenarios were hinted at, some very interesting characters from the historical slant were also shown.

Plunked for some of the  add-ons, upgrading some components and gaining the Cardinal some troopers. oh, a special t-shirt project as well.


The game play should be the richer for it. Now to finish the locals and factions patiently waiting their turn.


Locally, starting a campaign with a pool selection being tried for he first time Friday.  50 points a game, Greg playing the Archenemy as Richelieu!


Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Why not to expect many posts this week

 Mostly at the Cape (Cod) this week. Hope everyone stays healthy!

Only 65F but nice and sunny. 

Shadows in the forest

 Several days on campaign and not much to show for it. The Colonel's threatened the officers with the 'men of science ' as mess mates if something did not occur soon to stop their science chatter of "what might be."

The major of Jagers barely got that observation out when the daily patrol report mentioned a possible witch coven nearby, a slowly gathering of crones.  Probably wash day for the locals was his first thought, but investigate is the mission. Let the Jagers get their feet wet and check out the lights in the woods.

Obligatory overhead shot.
Two squads of Jagers are across the stream.They are supported by a line squad and a Huzzar file. Two units of forest dwellers Pop up to fire in ambush.

Caught between two fires, an ambushing forest dweller  unit withers.


As the jagers advance, ' things ' get stranger. 

What are they? Fortunately the pumpkin headed troops succumb to musketry before disappearing. What trickery, this?


The cavalry 'see nothing'.

What? Now things are just getting weird!

Yes, gentle reader, the jagers reported this encounter, strange as it may seem. 
The lie unit in the above is actually advancing.

Jagers have pause for thought.

The incantation circle has completed enough of the ceremony to accomplish a partial raising of 'forest folk.  The rebellion has shown an ability to conjur ancient squash monsters.

However, pluck and trust in the bayonet eventually wore the creatures down in the eternal struggle of magic versus cold steel.

After the battle, and several casks of Acme standard  troop ration barrels of vodka, the jagers guided the 'men of science' to the site of  battle.  Sadly, the corpses of the forest dwellers and forest folk had disappeared or putrefied to the point of defeating scientific examination. Only a few seed pods looked salvageable for study.

Well, I apologize to any of you figuring on even a 'normal' 'imaginary' battle report. Things got strange for Roger and Greg on the table as I tried out a cross over from the new Ozz Wars range. The scenario is early on in Barry's minicampaign "Intimidation. "
Barry has graciously allowed there to be some campaigned extras, without knowing what they were.  This session helps me port some of the "more unusual" forces into the "Chosen Men" scenarios....probably with more notice to the readers .

As always, more later. 


Sunday, May 2, 2021

Swedes arrive in force. A tale of two shipments.


 It was a good week.  Last Friday a Perry Bros. Shipment arrived with the last six line units that I needed to complete the line brigades. The six battalions were id'd and the new troops are in the respective brigade boxes. Since the various castings have been shown earlier, I will not show all of that raw lead.

 Perry Brothers Order


                                                           Mine, mine,mine....except for


 The Austrian cavalry will augment my 4 regiments of lights & Hussars.


Roger added to the Bavarian 'horde.'


Greg added to his Spanish by adding Carlists.

Eagle Miniatures Order 


New company last year for me but essential to fill the combined grenadier units.  

Command castings

Officers to become brigade command stands. 

So a total of 162 added to the lead pile!

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Cursed Ring finish

The Friday afternoon game of the last day of April saw the exciting conclusion of the bloodbath known as the Cursed Ring... 

 Where we started. From the bottom left, a lone Moliets from the Cossacks seeks to hold of a Hidalgo. 

Slightly above them three Cossack heroes move across the church floor.

Center bottom is another Hidalgo and El Capitan.

In the middle space, El Baratero, Don Quixote, Pancho square off against a badly wounded Porthos, Kimicic, a fresh Bohun.

  Slightly more to the right Catalina, a Hidalgo, Jean, watch D'Artagnan bully Hipolyta into moving off board.

Here is the turn where Ayza kills Don Quixote, Natalie shoots and kills Kimicic, and Catalina finishes Porthos. A musketeer kills El Baratero with a musket shot.

With two Hidalgos, El Capitane a turn from the ring and Catalina finishing Bohun off, the Spanish are determined the scenario winners...this time.

Lots of great card ply-Greg showed how four deuces in  a hand are quite good. Roger is getting good at divination.  Next time the Cardinal's minions may be encountered.