Monday, December 23, 2019

December Wrap up, 2019 in review

Merry Christmas, everyone!

We wrapped up our first Path  of the Serpent game a couple of Fridays ago.  Trembling, the party survivors ( one got eaten by a Star Vampire) hid in a small room of a jungle altar until the giant snake went away.

 One in process Star Vampire (look ma, no cape!)
Upshot to this, I promised the next adventure to be someplace away from the jungle. A nice, dry temple. What could go wrong?

 Snake men, feathered serpents,
 Temple guardians,
....and of course, the big guy.
These last four photos show what might come, based on the expansion.

 Even better, we should have a full crew of 5 players as the 'Friday pm old guys' get reinforced--by my granddaughters! We should be delving into the temple this Friday pm. Pretty much the last game of the season & 2019.

 Expedition Leader, Professor.
 Mechanic/fix-it person, Adventuress

So this year we've worked with two expansions of Mansions of Madness, the re-issued Battle of Britain game (PSC), started Ice age hunting and warfare (Tribal, and supplements), enjoyed some IHMN scenarios and a decent amount of Napoleonic skirmish using Chosen Men. Pretty eclectic, but enough to put a few games up where we all knew the rules.

Also got the bones up for an imagination continent campaign.

Next year? More Mansions, IHMN, Chosen Men. Hopefully my copy of Anno Domini 1666 arrives early enough in the year to make a game feasible in the first quarter.  Some opening moves in the imagination campaign and maybe some play testing of some siege rules since I missed both local games at Peter A's ( see Gonsalvo's Blunders on the  Danube blog.) doing sieges.

Honestly, I had even painted siege guns!

At my count so far, I have put out more blog entries than any year since 2013.  Not that I was ever prolific. Maybe 2020 will see me break 20!

And a happy New Year!

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Latest releases from Royal Engineering Foundry

The Royal Foundry is ready to release to siege trains the following:

The castings were from a Wiz Kids pack, I bought 6 packs. Ready for a siege game in another couple of weeks.  Painted in lamp black and burnt umber.  These in whole or  part will feature in many games coming up.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving (belated) and the next few weeks incoming

Battle of Britain 

I have the afternoon off from our regularly scheduled gaming due to several gamers being unavailable.  Yeah, the snakes in the jungle will have to wait.

I took the time to do some ordering, getting a deal on some Litko bases and a reissued version of the old board game, "The Battle of Britain."

The bases are mostly because I 'need' them and a few new product I want. 

The board game is another old friend that I once had acquaintance, and now returns in an updated form. Rather than counters and log sheets to keep track of each side, there are play aid cards and....1/300 scale airplanes. Should be here in a week, I am chuffed and waiting.

 O yeah, the kickstarter for Anno Domini 1666 is also starting the final sort and pack, so maybe that by my January birthday.
Bye for now.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Path of the Serpent ---first game

We set up for four players, one unfortunately had to pass on the fun last minute.

Deciding to play the four new investigators anyway, we plunged ahead in the scenario to meet up with an expedition.  We followed the path of the other party but came upon only traces of them in several places including a ruined temple, an overgrown altar,

a hut.

 It appears that at least some of them met an untimely, grisly end.

We had to save the game for next week's game meeting, one of the beauties of the system.  Perhaps we will have a full contingent next time.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Austrian Chevauxleger

Two units of Chevauleger for the Kaiser-liche army.

 Castings by Sash & Saber, the units done up in light and dark blue facings as per two of the actual Austrian regiments in the early 1800's.

They will serve duty patrolling the border with Dahara.  Nicely made figures painted back when I could see smaller details. 😀

(yes, I know I should paint up the base sides. I will as soon as I decide on a proper scheme.)

Monday, November 18, 2019

Units for Austriian based imagination

Well, silly me. I have an army woefully understaffed for the Kaiserliche side of my Germanic dual monarchy. Possessing only some light cavalry, Jagers, Grenze and artillery I have to dig into some 1866 Austrians to flesh out a small division.

 So also had to provide commanders.
 Staff officers.
 Bring in line and grenz battalions.

 To supplement the Jagers.

So the slowly moving campaign continues....I will have to report in later when some more skirmishing infantry arrives.

Path of the Serpet: expansion for Mansions of Madness lands

The seventh expansion since the core box, I really have been hooked on this game. We have had over some three years dozens of hours of fun getting killed off, driven mad, and once or twice actually winning a scenario.

The new expansion promises jungle adventures and snakes...lots of them. There are also very thematic new boards, tokens, artifacts, spells; did I mention snakes?

There are three 'human size temple guards, 

a couple of even bigger snake bodied guards

 two bigger feathered serpents,

and a very large snake.

There are four explorers themed investigators:

  I will record final paint jobs as they occur, and a short report of this Fridays game will come soon.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Formless Spawn takes on color

From the  supplement, "Horrific Journeys" comes the formless spawn

 From the previous supplement, "Horrific Journeys" comes the formless spawn:primed.
 First coat of a craft color Ceramcoat Cardinal red.
. Then some 'Amsterdam ink' pyrrolle red.'

 Finally, a chestnut ink wash...GW from 10 years ago, I think.

There will be a few finishing touches but the result will pass muster if needed in the games.

Yes, definitely inspired by pop culture, the 'Stanger Things' version, to be precise.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Updates to campaign page...

Mapcards I drafted..... 40a and 40b, the attendant atlas entries, map of Jorba showing provinces, borders, cards and orientation.  Much more to come.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

New start on photos

Well, just ask someone who knows....

my dearest pointed me to the depth of field is her camera, after all.

Armed with the new knowledge, aided by the days getting shorter and colder, I think some reshoots are coming up.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Some units for Pikemans Lament- Poles and Cossacks

Trolling through some old are some Polish and Cossack units for Pikeman's Lament.

 An all mounted Polish force.
 Close up of the Winged Hussars, of course.

Some Rajtar, Dragoons in back.

 The Cossack force is mostly foot units.
With appropriate 'moral' support.

Rather scary looking in their scalplocks.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Starting to add to campaign page

Well, I have a few items to add to the campaign page...including some background of from one of the players. For updates on the campaign layout and some tidbits on "Fuddland," our neighbor to the south, check out the campaign page.

For those of you not interested, just pass this bye.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

More catching up, an Austrian Grenze Unit

More progress on the painting front, the Grenze regiment Deutchbanater.     There are actually 36 castings, so I will get two battalions on the table.   .

The unit is part of the 1809 campaign build of Austrians in Westfalia.

Again, one photo too dark
 and one too bright.

Since the cataract surgery leaves me with a narrow 'field of view' (sort'a like a cheap camera) to focus on detail, items like the bear claws are very difficult to do well. Shucks, they are hard to do at all.

I am getting lessons on my wife's SLR. Hopefully photographs will improve when I enter the unit on the upcoming page for the 1809 Austrian force.

I have drafted in some Austrians from an 1859 range  I have kicking around into the available units for the Austrians. Specifically Grenze troops, the uniform is quite similiar, the Army was pretty conservative in dress.

More on that later.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

More catching up....Two newly painted Swedish Napoleonics units

Having a lot of new castings of Swedes from Perry Miniatures, I have finally decided on which units to paint first for the 1813 campaign. The castings are from the Perry Miniatures range for the Swedish Army. The figures are full of animation in the poses, at least 4 and sometimes 5 different poses in a pack. Even the copper canteens are placed in different places on the belts of the different poses. .

Here are the first completed unit.

I still am taking lousy photos, this one is very washed out.

While this one is too dark.

Both are of the Varmland Jager Regiment, with dark green coats and black facings. The cuffs and collars are piped white.

Next up, the North Schonen (Scandia?) Regiment.  I went with a Liquitex color, "Swedish Blue" for the coat.  It is actually less vibrant than the photo shows. I will likely use the color for the 'dark blue' coated regiments, in order to quickly denote them from other 'dark blue (cough, Prussian) units in the Army of the North. The jagers have a green 'brush' the line companies a yellow one.

Almost a good exposure.
I will be adding a standard and some flocking.  The units will be on the upcoming page on the 1813 Swedish Army. More on that later.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Mansions of Madness continues to chill; New critters for IHMN games

April turned out to be a busy enough month...several good games and a little painting.

Mansions of Madness

A few months ago, the Mansions of Madness sets from Fantasy Flight games released the latest supplement, Horrific Journeys.

I can report that the Friday pm crew has now died on dirigibles, trains and steamships.

Worse still, the grand daughters came over this week and almost ( yeah, almost) stopped the cultists from opening a rift in time and space.  Mankind is doomed, but I hold great faith in the two crews of adventurers.  Sadly, any chance for a 'dream team' will have to wait until summer vacation.

What was scary was the fact that this week's episode, originally from the Call of the Wild supplement updated to use new rules from the newest supplement!  What a cool game!


A totally different game, but fun in its own way, IHMN is enjoying a revisit with the Friday pm players.  As part of the new games, I am trying out some new critters in play.

 Behold! The... um, Beholder.

I was poking through the Reaper sections of two of our local hobby stores and found some old and new friends.  Always thought the Beholder monster a cool idea...I say, a floating malevolent eye. I need to make the teeth the final color... you will see this guy again.

 The Brass Bull

 Had to have him as well. In IHMN terms, the stats are as a Prussian military walker, It works surprisingly well. The invention should be a battering ram for the Hellfire club, not-London edition.

 The rest of the gang.  Well, the core, anyway.

 More on this group in another post. The front figure just oozes disdain. In my mind, a Hellfire chapter gone rogue (if there can be such a thing!)

The great Oz gang.

Shameless stolen ideas from another blogger, these Reaper figures will be the forces of good and innocence. And buckets of water.  See

A very different scenario was tried out.

 What we found out was mesmerism and meticulous planning can be stronger than arc weapons and flame throwers. Oh, and Ruby Red slippers are the bomb.
It did not play as I expected when I set it out...but that's the fun with IHMN.

More on stats and skills in an upcoming post. I promise.