Sunday, February 21, 2021

Chosen Men -Border Clash on Daharan coast (Imagination campaign )....and Pumpkins

 Commotion on the Daharan seacoast in our imagination campaign.  Well, it was time for a Chosen Men game we wanted to re-acquaint with the rules, so Roger (on right) and Greg (left) pushed two forces that were similar in size and only slightly differed in composition.

Scrub and stunted trees created a congested battlefield.

You can see the commanders looking to the 'rules of engagement' in the margins of the photo.

                                                                 These are here....just because.......

...the Pumpkins are cool

Thursday, February 18, 2021

It started out so well


So, here I decide to do a quick skirmish game, solo. 

I even had decided FFL ( that's French Foreign Legion) against generic Arab tribal members.

 For rules,  I chose IHMN ( In Her Majesties Name ) first edition, which can support rifles and hand to hand well enough. Besides, the second edition is not out until March.

I even had the terrain in mind. So why did it take 6 hours over three days to play?

 Where is that little outpost fort? 

Here we go.

......the Legion column passes by a small outpost, newly taken over , drops off a small garrison.  Meanwhile, locals observe the occupation with trepidation. 

One  group of Arabs throws a loose cordon about the outpost, taking care not to be seen. 

 Inside the outpost, the small FFL group ponder why they were here at all. The outpost

 was remote, not really controlling the local tribes nor a route of communications. 

 Why are they here? The French must have short memories, or value these lives low indeed. 

The chieftain looked narrowly at the holy man.  How far back must my men stay?

They are well placed replied the holy man.  It is best not to watch. 

As the shield of the earth started to block the last of the sun's rays, a small flickering in the outpost denoted the prep of the evening meal. As two sentinels watched the gathering doom, the rest of the garrison party drifted toward dinner, 

Soon after darkness swept over the area.

The meal was finished, two legionnaires went out to patrol the wall.  A few minutes later, as the guards passed the blindside of the tower, the remainder of the garrison heard a shout, a shot and a screams that were cut short. 

Merde! muttered the sergeant. He nodded to two legionnaires, the private assigned the automatic and the sapper. They silently followed the nco out into the dark. 

They found the two bodies next to the wall. The wounds were extensive and fatal. Both men were torn apart, as if by a savage animal. 

The nco motioned to the private with the small to cover as the sapper and he drag the remains to the entrance. 

As the nco moves his burden into the entrance, he hears first the burst of the smg, then a guttural snarl, not like any animal he  recollects.  The private does not answer his queries nor respond to directions.  The night has claimed another legionnaire.

In the morning, the sapper and the sentinels, joined by the nco left the outpost. They were shot by the surrounding arabs as they reached a short distance from the fort. As their lifeblood soaked into the sand, they realized they were the lucky ones......

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Dog gone week

 Introducing our new family member, Valentine the dachshund. 

She is 4 1/2 pounds ....and very stubborn.  



 So I am behind in posting, painting, sleeping.  She is worth it!


Sunday, February 7, 2021

Superbowl Sunday, pre game

 The Empress is going to watch a movie that probably not be of interest to me.  I hear the snowplows clearing the streets, so I am not going out. Two inches into a four to six inch storm, I believe I will set up for an FFL based skirmish game. 

Something with these guys.

And probably them.

Imagination players update

 Recently, scouts from Dahara set the rumor mill into high gear.

Daharan Dragoons, courtesy R. Downie publishing.


The situation in Koniglich continues to deteriorate.  The capital is overrun with ruffians and mercenaries attempting to forward various candidates for the office of Emporer. In over a dozen battles, forces attributed to Dahara, S'Gottland, Fuddland and Bayerne have clashed with city forces and each other in various places around the city.


Mayhem in the warehouse district, over a dozen laid low

The internal strain on the Dual Kingdom has lead to clashes with Kaiserlich forces. Primarily local issues or smuggling, the peace is fragile as the Kaiser awaits an answer to his claim for the Dual throne.


Koniglich forces on border.



Kaiserlich forces opposing.

 To the South, reports of attacks on each others forces by S'Gottland, Dahara and Fuddland continue.  Czar Barry has sent an expedition into the Great Woods to determine the source of raids on settlements and incredible stories told by Cossack reports.

Cossack envoys confusing raising the volume with convincing with facts.

Orbajosa, the somnolent sun drenched land, is troubled by the Basque forces that often erupt into sheep and garlic raids in the southern border, the uncertainty of the crisis in Koniglich, and the sabre rattling of the Elector  of Bayerne. The appearance of Daharan scripture printings has fomented trouble with the local clergy.

Even the northern tier of countries have commercial rivalries (Scandia and the United Provinces) as well as  friction over transportation duty rates (Brundwick, Bayerne, Hesse, Nassau). Diplomats are busy, but more recently so are cavalry and infantry commanders on every border.

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Still more FFL

 These are from Pulp Miniatures  by Bob Murphy.

Commander and section.

Sapper and friends.


The group will figure in some upcoming Pulp ' adventures ' soon.