Wednesday, September 29, 2021

My wife is so cool!

I 'need' to make a template hexagon that is four inches from side to side. So I spend over an hour with straightedge and compass.  Bodge it up so that I just plan to start over.

Pat asks me what I am trying to make. The retired Math teacher gets on the computer , does a search and downloads and prints up a template. 

Suitably humbled, but now armed with the template I can prepare the map for the next micro armor scenario.  Lucky man, I.

Monday, September 27, 2021

Three Colonels Russian Napoleonics

 Three Russian Colonels to command the brigades in my Russian line division. The figures are from a pack in the Perry line of Russian Naps.

 The division's units are done, along with plenty of artillery and an ambulance. I keep thinking maybe I'd  add a second division, to flesh out a Corps. 

Then I remember that would entail twelve battalions at eighteen figures each.  I'd also need three more brigade commanders, and divisional staff. 

So nah, uh uh.  Perhaps a separate page on the blog, like the Swedes.

 Anyway, here are the colonels.

Just need ... add...
....some flocking.

The PSA labels as background denotes my cheapness.

Friday, September 24, 2021

Ozz Army update-Land of Harvest forces mustered

 Having inflicted so many WIP photos on you gentle readers over the past months, thought I'd show the army (so far) with a bit of flocking done.

Group shot of all seven units so far. Jack, the pumpkin headed Lord is in pride of place. 

Happy Autumnal Season, everyone!

Rearranged but still fiesty. 
Some unit shots.

Redcaps, Blue Bonnets, Hammerheads on parade.

The Hammerheads still need some detail,

 "...Though their origins are shrouded in mystery, Jack created the eerie Hammerheads."

  ( From the Wave 2 Ozz background.)

Details of Greater and Lesser Pumpkins,  Corn Creatures. Sill to come, Mounted Lesser Pumpkins, Scarecrows, and a Pumpkin Chukka (catapult). 

Two days into Fall. Great season of the year.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Prep for Modern Micro Armor game


Playing a new set of rules can be a challenge or a lot of fun.  Tomorrow I play the Soviets in our first Modern outing using the new GHQ 'Modern Micro -Armor' rules set.

 Here I am getting help from Comeradska Valentine Poochki ( no relation to Pucski) with new instructions on how to destroy  Western Capitalist stooges loitering in the North 'German' Plain.  Her ability to discern feet of clay, or other substances in the persons of the opposing players will become legendary!

Already able to fit in small places, Comeradska Valentine is soon to show prowess with death-ray eyes.

Note clever use of terry cloth shirt to hide all vestiges of combat uniform by Russian force co-mander.


 Dachshund Star Icon

Of course, there is a long line of little dogs serving the Motherland. (Courtesy "Obey the Pomeranian" website.)

For those in the know, we will be playing scenario "North German Plain." Those in the know, know more than me, but not more than Comradeska Valentine!

9/17 game: Richelieu's Opening gambit

  We have decided to take Greg's offer to be the Arch Enemy for the next several AD1666 games  games coming up.  The Arch Enemy player gets to oppose a combined team of all the other players in a scenario.  This is a report on the first in the series, a scenario called 'The Escort.' 

Order of the Broken Cross

Sigfreid nodded to the brace of knechts, motioning them to take their places.  He smiled at the Burger to reassure the timid man, then looked past him to identify Sister Agnes  bringing up the rear.  They were in the hedges of the Royal Garden...the gate to the palace was only a few score paces away now.

Board at game's start.  Turn one unfolds as the Musketeer -lowest left, and Rochefort (in blue ) advance on the Order of the Broken Cross. Sister Agnes readies her weapons to protect the Burger. Sigmund moves to intercept Milady.  Roger is caught in the act of trying to palm the knecht in the garden. Under Roger's hand is the other knecht, n a position to intercept the Burger.

 Rocheforte snorted as Milady De Winter revealed the Cardinal's instructions.  'So, we're to foil the Order of the Broken Cross with a single Musketeer as help.' You'd think more could be done if the mission was collecting something important.' Milady smiled only as a response. 

Sister Agnes goes down almost dead from Rochefort"s attention. Sigfreid and Burger head off towards the personal quest for safety. see the Knechte attempting to shadow Milady. 

The Burger looked over his shoulder, he did not see anyone behind him.  The nun must have fallen back to make sure no one was following.  He did not see Rochefort until he felt the blade inside hi body. 

A few steps farther up, Sigfried closed in on Milady. But one of the knechts got to her first.

The Burgers demise, Milady gets two  gentlemens' attention.  The Musketeer looks for an opportunity.

The Order lost its Burger and close combat specialist.The knecht fighting Milady gave 4 wounds on the courtier, she retreated and broke off combat.  Sigfried came out of the maze, shot and killed the underemployed musketeer.  The Cardinal recruited and deployed a thug who covered for the now wounded Lady de Winter.

Final shot. Game over.

Greg played the Archenemy group well.  He also had some good hands of cards to oppose some awful draws by Roger and I as the Order.  Poor Agnes had no chance, Cardinal's hand was a red joker to an unsupported 4. The Burger watched three sixes deploy against him. Ouch, in game terms like rollig boxcars versus elevens.

So, one for the Cardinal. Who knows where his forces will appear next in Vienna?  One thing is certain, it will be fun to play.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

9/10 game

Roger (the survivor of the"Winsted Chainsaw Massacre"  was over,Greg on a long weekend away, so with only two to please, we selected a quick scenario, 'Get Shorty!'  

Roger tried the Order of the Broken Cross, I fielded the Poles Defenders of the Crown.

Lots  of door bashing, a wall or two battered down by Longinus, crummy shooting by both sides. 

Too wild and woolly for photos, except this one:

Volodovski is about to kill Fritz, Longinus wound Sigfreid, a dragoon kill a knechte.  Willem gets a go result and has succumbed to the Order's blandishments.  By game end, Agatha and Sigmar were in full retreat and the  remaining knechte giving cover.

A good game, we are forward looking or either a campaign of AD1666 scenarios or micro-armor modern warfare.

Monday, September 13, 2021

New Project

 I got a call the week before last, my friend Roger was not coming for the Friday pm game. Seems he lost an argument with  his chainsaw.  Mostly stitches  in the meatier part of his hand, he was in pain but not suffering any permanent damage. Later Friday his wife dropped off something from him. We'd been talking about this era for a while. 

Let me start the exposition by stating all three of our Friday group are within three years of each other,  and Roger and I were in the FRG in the mid 1970's.  Greg is from the era, brings a keen eye for the games set in the time frame.  Looks like the emphasis will be on the late '70's to early '80's.

Roger and Greg picked this as a project, and I have been a willing late to the party member.  I will run a review on the rules in a month or so, after we play a couple of the games.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Swamp fever


Another Chosen Men game played very fast and loose...

The story so far (for anyone trying to follow the imagination campaign)....

Sister Jardine held the sentence of death document issued by the High Authority, condemning the entire traitorous Korn family to death. From the estates of the Earl of Korn (now seized by the Order of the Light.) through the towns and villages she has chased Anna, the sister of the soon to be executed traitor

General Korn.

Despite traveling nearly to the coast, the quarry was traced to some ground in the fetid swamps of Five River County.

Sister Jardine had been assigned Daharan Army units, both line and lights for the job of capturing fugitives.

Sister also impressed some of the local customs gendarme and county militia to fully man the cordon.

And so the game started, Roger was guiding the Order of Light forces, Greg and I had the swamp dweller defenders, Greg handled local fauna as well; I handled the coven, because I did not want the object of the ritual---shortening the game, to be know.


Some of the local hunters and fishermen banding together against the government troops.

Good overview of the swamps.  All this terrain Greg had put together.

Government troops trying to negotiate the swampy terrain.

Locals attempt to slow down formed troops using stealthy ambushes and cover.

We haggled about bows and irregular troops but it all came out.

Slowly the regulars push into the swamp.

More  locals arriving for the fight.

Swamp creatures also assaulted the landing parties.

The coven's intent was not known until late in the game. The chanting and cavorting was highly in evidence, if you knew where to look.

Despite numbers of regular troops chasing the fugitives, Greg  hows us what really counts for power in the swamps.  The Old Ways.

The cultists completed their  ritual on turn 6.  It meant there would not be a turn 8.  Thick black clouds hid the sunset as well as the stars and moon. In the pitch black of the swamp, the small party of fugitives eluded Sister Jardine's trap. ...  All the way to the coast where they made contact with the ship that would bring them too safety. 

The swamp dwellers broke off contact easily in the night.  The coven disappeared as well. Only the troopers chasing shadows and swatting insects stayed in the swamp that night. They found the cabin the next day, but by jiminy, the Korns, they don't care.


Friday, September 3, 2021

Conveyor belt-First Day

I realized last night that the next two weeks  might be productive in unit count, as a lot of partial work in June/July is over.  Not that the led mountain will get lower soon, but at least it looks to have peaked.

First up, a unit of Mushroom Beings, my 'Red Caps.'  A major addition to my Wars of Ozzz  Land of Harvest with the second wave getting finished. Yes, there will be flocking.

Started is a second Mushroom unit, Blue Caps.

Part of the Nyland Jagers, who are not part of the Swedes 1813 OoB.

Second portion of the unit, part of  the Finnish establishment. This unit jumped ahead of several line units, something to keep Barry's (excuse me, Czar Elmer ) Jagers challenged. There are six more castings (standard unit of 18) but they appear to be camera shy.

 First battalion of the Skarborg I.R. seen here to be given a standard and some base flocking. Nine more line battalions to go!


Started but in the cue, another Danish command set featuring General Ewald and two staff riders.

Basically unpainted, but still way cool, lesser pumpkinheads mounted on steeds. Part of the wave two reinforcements for the Land of the Harvest.

A few more units in the pipeline for Napoleonics and Wars of Ozz units.