Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Thanksgiving Week.

 Probably not much to report this week in the gaming side.  The last unit upgrade for the Quatre Bras game on December 5th has been finished, the last two needed Allied leaders are approaching 'ok to show' status. 

No Friday game for the three old men after Thanksgiving, family commitments for both Rog & Greg.  Solo time! Perhaps  a solo bout of AD 1666.  Or perhaps a run through of the 'Wars of Ozz ' rules.

On the paint table, 7 Spanish faction AD1666 figures and 10 of the locals. 10 British infantry in Belgic shakes destined for Chosen Men , some odds and ends probably bfor IHMN games.  

Of course there is always yardwork. 😕

Sunday is a few hours at Tabletop Games,  checking off the last few arrangements for the December 5th Quatre Bras game.  As Czar Barry says: so much lead,  so little  time.

Monday, November 22, 2021

Quatre Bras Final Allied Unit (2nd Nassau) completed, Prince of Orange off to be flocked.

 Well, the Second Brigade, First Division of the Dutch Army is completed by bringing the 2nd Nassau Regiment up to 18 castings in a battalion.  Two weeks to spare, now for some overall housekeeping for December 5th.

Brigade commander Baron von Perponcher reviewing the new troops.

Three battalions each of 18 figures.  The completed 2nd Regiment.

Prince of Orange... just some .silver on his saber, flocking on the base and done!

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Salad Days part 4 ---the party's over

 No sense burying the lead. All three of us 'got some licks in' during the game, which involved the night time wanderings of a mixed cavalry & infantry force across territory of three imaginations. Now the three sided narrative can be told.

Glad to be out of the dark woods, Don Sanchez took his lancer command toward the cluster of farm buildings. The Daharan command trailed behind in column of March. Sister Agatha rode up to confer. It was decided that the Lancers cover the flanks as the infantry marched straight into the farmyard.  

 The white areas denote where torchlight is shining.

Several figures were seen lighting torches and soon the area between the buildings was lit well enough to make out features.  An older man, gentle in demeanor , accompanied by a few servants came forward to talk with the column leaders. 

"I am Don Diego, the owner of this farm and of noble stock.  You do not wear any uniform of Orbajosa service I am familiar from memory.  You come in the depth of night, on all Hallow's Eve.  Can we be of assistance?"

The Daharan captain had his men stand at ease while the good Sister spoke with Don Diego.  Rather peremptory, she demanded to know what evil rites were being practiced in the area, of what violations of the Readings of the Light were the locals guilty? The populace across the border has accused the settlements here of communing with foul creatures, and we ourselves have been attacked by evil spirits, including a ban'shee.

The farm lord went ashen at the unspoken threats behind the allegation.  Noting the column must have come through the woods on the S'Gottland side of the river, he asked "did anyone hear the voice of the ban'shee ?  It is said that they who hear the voice are marked for death that night!"

Believing no one in the Daharan contingent had heard the Ban'shee, the Sister changed tack and asked the farmer about the scarecrow reported as standing up without a pole for support. Don Diego said all his scarecrows used support, but tales of 'things being different' on the Kaiserlich side of the river were in general circulation. Hearing this, the sister was determined to follow the clues where they lead. 

Don Diego agreed to lead the column to the passage of the boggy river on the other side of his farm. He asked the Sister to wait while he went and prepared to dress for the guiding of the column.

Fifteen minutes later , clad in antique armor and halberd armed Don Diego returned to the courtyard. His manservant, unarmored but armed with a fowling piece, announced his master in the old manner"Behold, Don Quixote, the Man of La Mancha!"

The column captain grinned and Sister Agnes rolled her eyes, but the column followed the odd pair through the countryside lanes for over an hour when they heard the command to halt.

"This tree is actually the home of the Jujube, a foul abomination; wounds caused only by the type of steel such as is forged into my halberd's blade can defeat it. Brave Sirs and Good Sister, permit me to drive the beast deeper into its den and save your stout fellows pain and possibly death!"

 Don Quixote  started wailing at the offending tree, using his halberd as a monstrous axe, Sancho watched the tree and his master attentively with looks alternating concern and wariness. Sister Agnes was about to call a halt to the display when a rivulet of black liquid flowed from the tree while bestial wails emanated from its trunk.

After nearly an hour, the Don declared the creature suitably cowed, the column moved on, leaving the Orbajosa knight and squire to go home. 

The column soon manufactured its own problems. Sending off half of the Don Sanchez  lancers to scout a route back, the Daharan foot engaged in pumpkin patch smashing frenzy despite warnings from an apparently sentient talking scarecrow.   Sister Agnes revealed both her annoyance at being berated by a vegetable and her ability to attack with fireballs from her staff of office;  thus was the scolding scarecrow set alight and consumed by fire. (I think the players were ready for a confrontation.  This is the first indication of mystical powers shown by any apostle of the 'Light.')

The result of the assault was the rising of axe armed pumpkin headed beings joined by scarecrows attacking in a coordinated series of charges at the column.  Due to the darkness and unexpected speed of the charges, the tide of Squash and Straw inflicted several casualties before petering out. Evidently, revenge was satisfied. ( Okay, everyone knew it was coming. Just how many critters they fought depended on what the column did. Now they are aware of Produce Provocateurs.)

As the column prepared to retreat , over their shoulders from another field they saw the "Great Pumpkin" rise from the field in the grey predawn light. (Sadly Charlie and little sister missed it!)

The detached lancers were able to avoid any sentient squash or strawmen and met up with the column a few hours after dawn.

A hooded mounted figure watched them leave. A few seeds fell from is hand and a ragged noise came from his cowl as he spurred his mount deeper into Kaiserlich.

 We hope you enjoyed our little interlude from 'proper gaming' as much as we did playing.


 The Daharan forces were Perry figures, with the possible exception of Sister Agnes,  The Don Sanchez Lancers from Brigade Games, the local farmers from the Old Glory 'Zorro" set. Don Quixote & Sancho hail from AD1666's Spanish faction, All the Pumpkins  and scarecrows are from Old Glory's Wars of Ozzz range. The Great Pumpkin from my wife's collection.

Sunday, November 14, 2021

More for Quatre Bras-18 is the new 12


Before I forget, the game day has been moved to Sunday, December 5th.  


The 1st Brigade of Perponcher's Division is finished with the upgrading of  the 5th Militia to 18 figures. 

On  the painting table from the 2nd brigade: the 28th (Orange -Nassau) also done.

 and the Second Nassau are W.i.P. for the same upgrade. 

Here is a photo of the First Brigade in review....

According to my store contact, they are busy making the French infantry commands needed.  More later!

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Salad Days Part 3

When we left off, the combined column of S'Gottland lancers and Daharan foot had just left farmer Alonzo, and were about to cross into Orbajosa's southwest corner.  

Our first Friday game in November, Greg had a tire go in the morning and was waiting for service at game time. Roger picked up on both units in the column..  Astute readers will note the substitution of Hanoverian Hussars for the Spanish Guerilla lancers.

As the column passed through the murky night in the woods north of Alonzo's farm, three points of light were seen in the woods. Two files peeled off from the lancers to investigate the nearest lights, one on each side of the forest road.  The lights turned out to be fires.  The right hand fire had a scarecrow standing next to it, a silent sentry to the night. Strangely, no post held the scarecrow erect.  Unsure it was really a scarecrow, a lancer poked  at it with his weapon. The lance head returned only with straw.  Unnerved by the eerie sight, the group of scouts returned to the column.

 Passing a command roll for the encounter, the patrol was puzzled but not dismayed.

The other patrol was less fortunate, as thy approached the campfire, a wail from beyond the ken of men was heard, 



The Ban'shee calls!

 which caused the file leader to return his men near to the column rather in haste. Not what they signed up for, he reported. ( To be fair, Roger asked 'how do they kill it?' To which I replied 'do you have a magical weapon from an ancient Celtic hero?') 

The patrols return to the column, and the column moves North into Orbajosa.  The Ban'shee goes back beyond the physical plane after the horsemen retreated.

As the night passes the witching hour, the cavalry deploys near a farm. Not taking any chances.

Harvest time is near, and our story continues this coming Friday. Greg will run the cavalry...maybe the infantry lead into the farm.  ( to be continued ).

( Honestly  the story is spinning itself and does not want to be stopped.)

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Use of 4 inch hexes

Since my wonderful wife procured the needed templates for hexes, I have cut some out in anticipation for our series of micro armor games.. 

In the raw. The first few would be stylized 'farms' circa FRG  in the 1980's.


 Coated in burnt umber, ready for next step....pva'd pan scrubs.


I cut up a couple of pan scrubbing pads to about 2 1/2 inch long strips about 1/4 inch wide,

soaked in 1:1 Elmers (PVA) to water solution;

Then rolled in 'LifeLike' brand grass mix;

More PVA, full strength to affix the hedges.

The 5 hexes needed for the scenario,

a 1/87 scale Leopard1 is much bigger than the 1/285th scale these hexes are meant  to portray.

Leopard among the 5 hexes. These hexes return soon as farm  plots.

Fast, not expensive nor hard to make, look ok in micro table top encounters. At game scale of 1 inch =50 meters. these represent 400 meter side to sidel

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Salad Days-Part 2

Greg, Roger and I got together for actually the first time as a group in October, between vacations, appointments and family obligations.  After some obligatory catching up especially to determine a calendar of events for November, we dipped our feet in the titled scenario.

 As mentioned in the last post, Locating the environs. the map of the area represents an out of the way area that happens to coincide with the borders of four countries. The two countries involved with sending columns to investigate rumors, by messages agreed to meet and form a single column to explore the area.

 The Daharan contingent, mostly drawn an infantry unit  was commanded by a Sister of the Order named Agnes while the S'Gottland forces included some guerilla cavalry and guerilla infantry commanded by  Major Jeronimo Merino .

The columns met at the North Farm in S'Gottland's border area. After talking with the local farmer, the lack of suspicious signs were believed to be due to the pious local inhabitants. Farmer Alonzo said that farther north, across the river, things were 'different' as some of the old ways were followed...especially at harvest. The Daharan Sister took the statements as a sign to continue north, crossing the river into Orbajosa's territory.  Citing that heresy knows no boundaries, the formidable Sister got the S'Gottland commander to agree to search across the river.

When the last of the column left, the relieved farmer instructed his son to go quietly to the nearby forest to alert the crones of the expedition, "they'll know what to do." said Alonzo. 



  Is this the man you are looking for?

 Across the river, a mounted figure pondered the noise and torches at the river. Who besides himself would be crossing a river at night? A few seeds fell from his hand to the ground as an uncanny sound came from under his cowl  to be lost on the night wind.

The crones.