Friday, July 26, 2013

A few figures for Pulp adventures snuck through the painting queue

Yes, several figures from previous Historicons' purchases are presented.

We usually have a Pulp or colonila game in August, these characters may well be involved.

Left to right, an officer for some of my Sikh infantry, an aviatrix of some earthbound accomplishments, and an officer in a personalized uniform for the North West Frontier. The center figure is from Pulp Miniatures, the end piece officers from Old Glory.

The Osnabruck militia, Hanover 1815

I did rather well this last week, I had some partially done units that sent me into a painting routine for a few days where the weather precluded much in the  way of outdoor activities.  

Similar to the Verden Landwehr from a few weeks back, the Osnabruck are outfitted with the stove pipe shako for the most part, so are slightly different from what you've seen before.

 The Osnabruck Landwehr are also contained in Best's Brigade.  Halfway there!
 The castings are Perry Miniatures, but are slightly larger than the Dutch Belgians and Brunswickers.. Great animation, though!
 Caps, shakos, varying colors on the trousers.  You can see how the Hanoverian crown was scraping together these uniforms!

The figures are again from Perry miniatures, the painting done with the craft paints and Vallejo colors I use so much.  I went with a not too dark blue for the facing color, I will vary the color 'blue' as much as I can as it appears again on other units.  Two more landwehr and one more Jager battalion to go.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Hanoverian 1815 York Light batallion

 The epymonious unit, at least the command stand up close.

In the continuing saga of the heat wave, we mark the hopefully last day today by going to the theaters.

I started the post Sunday and here it is, already Thursday.  Harumph, I was not as fast with this unit as I had thought.  ( The heat wave did end Sunday replacing the ninety degree days with ones merely in the high eighties...still enough of a drop in temperature, and more importantly the humidity, to make outdoors a possibility.)  The kiddie pool refill was a success, no leaks, which means that job is done. I watched  the grand-daughters  make use of the water on Tuesday. 

So I did get  a little work done on the second batch (last 12 of the 18 castings) of the York battalion.  I went with the green coats as per the photo on the Perry website, it seems to agree with the button placement on the casting.  I realize some of the other sources show the unit as a Field battalion, with a red coat, but I take this as the penultimate Napoleonic green coated unit for awhile in my figure queue.  I will be done with Kielmansegge's brigade when  I finish the last unit, the Luneberg Light battalion.

 I think there is a need for an additional light source for the non flash shots.  The energy audit played havoc with photographic requirements.

Again, the green, black, blue, greys, and browns are from craft paints, the brass and gun metal are vallejo, the silver and yellow are from artist's acrylic tubes.  The facings are supposed to be blue, it may not show in the photos.

 Once more, the full unit with flash being used.  The mix of poses is really nice, the inclusion of the sapper figure is a nice touch. 

 I was sparing on the brown wash on this unit, mostly on the exposed flesh and the yellow sashes. I don't think the green coats need the brown wash, at least not for definition.
It seems our colors are missing, sir!

I know I am in dire need of standards, I will have to start making decisions as it seems most of these units have no surviving record of what their standards presented.  I may have to "go all hypothetical" based on what the known standards contain.

 I am almost done with the next unit, one of the militia battalions from Best's battalion, the Osnabruckers.  Check back by Friday, I think you'll like them as well.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Finally, some painted figures! The Bremen battalion, 1815

It is still hot, (95 degrees F)  but I have the kiddie pool up and getting filled with water, and have some units in the production line of the painting queue.

The Bremen battalion is the next unit from Hanover's contingents at Quatre Bras, as part of Kielmansegge's brigade.  Originally a light battalion, it had been reclassified in 1815 as a 'field' battalion. This meant a snappy uniform of a red which the unit added the black wings of a light battalion.  The unit also kept the black backpack leather and the signature blue pants.

 The figures are from the Perry miniatures line. I like the hats, there are no cords on the caps!

Yes, the green coated figures are not from the Bremen battalion, but from the next unit in queue. 

I really like the NCO figures  in these packs, lots of character. 

 The last photo is the obligatory flash photo, the blue and white are not nearly so bright as is shown here. The black facings should be piped white.... but these are 28mm figures and I am getting old.  I stay away from detail that I  know is dicey for me to do at best. There are 18 figures in the unit, which is the new 12.

The red, blue and black are from craft paints, I did wash a very light coat of brown stain over the figures before adding the white straps but after adding the yellow sashes. The yellow, silver and the white are from artist tube acrylics. The gunmetal and brass are vallejo colors.   I followed my basing plan by adding white glue and sand to the bases, then used the railroad dark earth stain.  A little flock and they are ready to roll into battle.

Next up will be the York Light battalion and the Luneberg Light battalion.  Those units will complete the foot of Kielmansegge's Brigade. Does anyone know if Kielmansegge wore a  'fore and aft' hat or a bicorne or a field cap on the day of battle?  

I did not go to Historicon, at least I can paint!