Sci Fi realms and collections

Almost as varied as historical periods,I want to showcase rules and minis for the various universes of sci-fi I game.  So, in no particular order:

Silent Death

This is the 'old' I.C.E., now Metal express universe of dogfights in space.  I stumbled upon it in its 2.0 version over 20 years ago.  There are about a dozen supplements for background and additional ships.

I have only played with four opponents over time, but each was impressed with the combat system. 
Resources for the game can be fond here: 

Now for some pretty photos of some of the toys. There are literally over 100 choices of ship. I have more varieties of fighters to paint, and looking for these reminded me that there is some unfinished business here.

 The Lance Electra, my sentimental favorite. No flash.
 So nice, same model, different lighting. With Flash.
 Kosmos, one of the smaller models.

 Monday Knight   Rules, miniatures.


I am slowly selling off this collection, and will end up with  what I started .

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