Thursday, November 29, 2018

I have some catching up to do.... Prussians

Deciding which Prussian units to model, I came upon the 1815 I Corps, 1st Brigade. It was composed of the 12th and 24th Line as well as the 1st Westphalian Landwehr. Cavalry units, Uhlan, Hussar and Landwehr make up the rest of the brigade's support along with artillery batteries. 

I had completed the 12th Line, which started out as the first Reserve Regiment in 1813.  The 12th Reserve Regiment became the 24th Line when all the renumbering was done.

What I liked about both units was the issuance of the grey uniform to the troops in 1813 which was not fully replaced by the 1815 campaign. Wow, a chance to mix shades of grey with shades of Prussian blue! Oh, two companies of Silesian Schutzen ( Dark Green cup runneth over) are in the unit as well.

( Can you see why I like the 1815 Dutch Belgian choice of orange as a facing color?)

Most of the Fusileers, 24th IR.
Close up of command

Bugler and officer
These guys look a lot darker than in reality.  I need to get better lighting for my photos. The casting are from the Perry least 12 different poses for this very animated unit.

Two more line battalions to go on the 24th, hen on to the Landwehr. 

I have some catching up to do....Cossacks

Real life and  such had left me with less blog-ability for awhile now.  We all get this at one time or another.

  I will hopefully crank back up by doing a few posts on the units new to my painted collection and why they are in my battalions of boxes. I will skip around a bit, but will try to explain the reasoning behind acquiring each unit. I hope not to boor.

Then I will try to explain the direction of my gaming.  I am much more interested in playing scenarios than leagues...always have been.  I think that finally I will just stick to scenarios in my own showing. This does not limit me in choice of rules, but that said, I am fussy about what I use for rules.

I will also revamp my tabbed pages to be more useful looking at either eras or projects.  So watch and comment on the next couple of months' posts.

First up, some Cossacks for the Napoleonic era.  Some of my oldest units are in my collection of Russian units. I have a Cossack unit from the pre-1978 Minifig line that I still enjoy using on the table. Usually lurking on the sidelined waiting to pounce on a disordered unit, I believe it frustrates my opponents more than it damages them. Often I supplement this unit with some 17th century Cossacks from OG.s Eastern Ren. range. Additionally, one of our players in the old play by email campaign was terrified of another player's Cossacks getting in country.

Anyway,  a recent (well, 2018 anyway) order filled another slot in the Russian cavalry OOB. So here is a Napoleonic Cossack unit. The castings are Perry Bros summer uniformed Cossacks, painted up as Don Cossacks.

Coming out of the woods, even the hill does not bother them.

Some of my gaming opponents will notice the size of the unit at six riders is smaller than the usual 8 castings.  Since the use of the Cossacks should run toward avoiding combat with formed infantry and regular cavalry, the absence of a stand in Piquet  (which I prefer using the Grognards supplement) underscores that such units are not first line cavalry and yet gives them an ability to maneuver more easily, That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

I will probably try to work these into skirmish games of "Chosen Men" as well.  I will need to tinker with ratings as the rules do not cover the Czar's forces.    Hmm, and maybe finish the Cossack-ish battery for them as well.      

Next time up, some Prussians.