Items for Sale and Trade

This page will be a list of items I'd like to trade or sell.  I confess that I  have occasionally bought some items on a whim that quickly faded or that due to a lack of opponents in a genre I now have surpluses.If we are trading, we each are responsible for mail costs on the item.  If a sale, I will find out the cost of the shipment to you, and add shipping to the price.  I am in the US on the  East Coast, so you can use your estimate based on that.  The best way to reach me for a sale is by email to

So what would interest me in trade?  I am looking for 15mm WW2 Soviet armor suitable for 1941. BT-7's, T-26's, T--28's, armored cars.    In 15mm also, British MK VI light tanks.

Perry miniatures 28mm Napoleonic French (casualty figures) British (Light troops, casualties), Russian Cossacks, guns with crews (-Licornes especially) , Prussian Landwehr,  Austrian horse artillery guns and crews and the limber set for cavalry guns.

I will amend the list to reflect transactions made.  The present supply includes, but is not limited to the following:

Having said that, the first two photos show a portion of the 20mm B&B WW1 French army I have for sale or trade.  The whole army includes 5 command figures, 93 infantry figures, 2 mortar (shown), 6 HMG and 4 MMG stands. All the bases are steel, all the figures are  painted and mounted to the standard shown.

Item 2 are some NWF by OG, primed and ready to supplement your Indian army.

Item 3 includes  some older Warhammer Ogers, from the 1990' least, that's when I bought them!
 Well, these are actually Dark Elves!

 Here are the Ogres!
An Empire 'sniping' Engineer.

And a few more Dark Elves

The 3rd item includes a bunch of Mini-fig 25mm Napoleonic Russians.

6 units of line or jager, one battery of two gun models  with crew.

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