Monday, June 4, 2018

Anno Domini 1666 Kickstarter

I have never done a kickstarter..... until now. 

I did go in for the subject kickstarter.  I am a fan of the Sienkiewicz's "Fire and Sword" trilogy from way back, and the main characters from the story as well as the team from Dumas' "Three Musketeers" are showcased with some great miniatures. 

Anno Domini 1666 project video thumbnail

The people behind it are the folk who make the Fire & Sword  rules and minis. The game is a skirmish based setting in Vienna and environs in 1666. You can play Zagloba or Porthos, a Cossack, a witchhunter, Ottoman poet. And much more.  Worth a look, just to see something different from the standard rules and situations.

Now all I have to do is wait until April next year.  You can be the first kid on your block if you join by June 11.

Bolt Action Follies

Played some Bolt Action yesterday, with some of the most horrendous rolling I have done in a long time. Playing a US Army reinforced platoon (750 points) of three squads, 2 MMG teams, an attached Sherman and an Air Observer.

 I attempted to secure a town versus a pretty scraggly group of regular Wehrmacht, some Hitler Youth and Landstrum squads, supported by a Sdkf 222 armored car.  Piece of cake, right?

 Some of the regular Germans.
The Volktsrum posing. 
 The Hitler Youth were too shy to pose.  The Mortar and armored car were too deep in camo to be seen. Notice the WW2 stinger missile; I did not know we were playing fantasy. Oh, sorry, official BA list option for 1945 Germans.

This squad on my left flank thought it would have an MMG team in support.  Seems reasonable on turn one, eh?

Turn one saw his medium mortar immediately home in on a squad in a building. Turn two saw my air controller call in a green pilot who managed to put a kill and five pin markers on my right hand MMG squad. Meanwhile the Sherman got a few pins from the strafing run as well. And rolled boxcars for the morale check, causing a FUBAR move right off the table.

On the opposite side my left hand MMG team also FUBARED as it tried to rally off some pin markers.

By the end of turn two, I had ½ of a veteran squad, two regular squads with multiple pins and two FUBARED, moved off the table units.

The Forward Air Observer was still ok, but I did not want to use him again.  

Yes, I conceded at that point. Luckily my opponent was very kind in pointing out I had some pretty bad rolls. Maybe next time I can let my opponent have a chance to beat me. ;-)

 Results of friendly fire by aircraft. The Sherman's crew already had moved to a 'better position.'

I can't believe this is the game for which I have photos!

Chosen Men

Chosen Men

Osprey has a lot of skirmish based rule sets out, and this one features man to man work in the Napoleonic Era. The booklet includes force lists, scenarios and rules. The force lists are Spanish and Belgian campaigns centered, but very little work would be needed for Russians, Austrians or other groups to be added.

The happy circumstance is that the rules coincide with our 'usual suspects' group having plenty of Napoleonic castings but less time to play large set piece games. I have a small forces of Brunswickers and British as well as French. This allows me to field two sides, or concentrate on one contingent if another player brings their own units to the table.

Notice what I did here. Table lay out, before the game.  Then we had so much fun playing, no photos of the action.  Duh!

Some thoughts on recent playing

 Greg, Roger and I (the usual suspects) have been the Friday afternoon irregulars since November.  Almost every week we've enjoyed Armageddon, Mansions of Madness, Pikeman's Lament or Chosen Men.  Yeah, pretty eclectic. There is a track here to smaller figure counts, even as we paint up our piles of Napoleonic lead into usable units.

Pikeman's Lament

We have recently started playing the scenarios in the book once we assembled forces from our collections. So far, it's been the 'usual suspects,' Roger, Greg and myself.

Greg has put together a couple of solid lists with dragoons, pike and shot... often accompanied by a light gun.

Roger has put together a Scots based force, complete with some clansmen.

I managed a set of Polish forces and one more or less Zaporazian Cossack list. It is heavy on muskets, one cavalry unit and some forlorn hopes.

 We have played the standard meeting and river crossing and tried the raid scenario once as well. 

 It's good fun, next time I'll try to take photos and notes for a proper AAR.

Greg's Horse against Roger's Clansmen.  Real hammer and tongs game where a river runs through it.