Thursday, October 28, 2021

Naval gazing leads to loss of time & treasure

 I should stay away from the water, table top speaking.  I was minding my own business, watching some gamers set up a training game of Black Seas over at Tabletop Games, the local store moving into historical gaming. 


I think it was British vs French, but first game and under tutelage of a more experienced gamer.


I watched as two players, one in line ahead, the other bent on a scrum, made a few moves and then attempted harm on each others  squadrons ( of five ships) by use of cannon and grapple. While being straight forward, the rules, to me at least, gave a reasonable result of the  demands presented by any game set in this nautical era. 

Now I am the owner of a copy of the rules. And a plan to procure the American fleet box after the holiday season. The rules could figure in water based campaign shenanigans that some of my long suffering campaign players have been 'rooting for' on and off.

Locating the environs

 Having learned my lesson that colored pencil maps do not present well on the blog, I have tried one with markers.  The issue of contrast is solved, at the price of the map looking more cartoonish than expected. 


So next time I will try inks. Ever onward.  What I want to do in this post is go over the process involved in the scenario generation of the region. 

The premise , a border area where four of the 'imaginations' in our local campaign  meet.  Luckily, there was such a spot on the artifact of using square map cards for the continental layout. 

The small notations in the upper right of the four areas denote the Warplan 5x5 references.  These include atlas entries as well as the standard layout of the area.  The area exists in the cartography of the national borders of Orbajosa,  S'Gottland , Dahara and Kaiserliche.  ( Starting upper left , counter clockwise.)

Small adjustments were made, a extra farm, ruin, field detail, feeder streams, etc.

There may be more , eh, ethereal, notations about the fauna and flora of the region. Those reside on a sheet of tracing paper, or they will by sunset tonight.

The arc of the scenario depends on some real world factors. There should be three players, but the scenario has variants for four or two participants.  Lately we have had the swing in attendance due to real world  occurrences stepping in our schedules. 

The gist (more later as it writes itself) of the situation - Dahara and S'Gottland intelligence apparatuses have gotten wind of strange goings on in the Four Corners area.  Remote from all governments the area resources' information ranges from confusing to fantastic. Orbajosa governors also are uneasy enough to field a strong patrol.  Kaiserliche itself deploys agents and patrols to the local area.

  Enough smoke means fire, so once again slings are loosened, leather boots and harness  creak once again as infantry and cavalry units chase what no doubt will turn out to be rumors, old wives' tales, and nonsense. 

The armed columns converge under the gaze of the Harvest Moon.  Locals gather straw for bonfires, gather livestock into pens and barns, count all their children . Are all these precautions unnecessary?  

Several sets of shadowy figures move through the fields near the border between Orbajosa and S'Gottland.  

Certain artifacts in Daharan temples near the border with Kaiserliche weep blood.

 Several patients scheduled to arrive at the Hospital in southeast Kaiserliche have not arrived.  

Beer and wine go bad in the bottle and barrel. Milk goes sour in the pail.

In the fields and hollows under the moonlight something is stirring.  Things do go bump in the night.

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Salad Days --Part One

Me to the other Friday Afternoon Old Guys- What should we play 10/29....this or that or a Halloween themed game?

Resounding response--Halloween!   Great, me and my big mouth. Now I basically have a week to gin up forces and rules for the build up to the "First Vegan War." No way I am not making this complicated!

First choice is a Chosen Men scenario, a three way, 500 point forces for the two 'human' parties, one overwhelming force of Pumpkins, Mushroom and Corn  soldiers as well, and  oh yeah- scarecrows.  We play the game often enough to know it will bend before breaking.

The result of a victory by the humans?  They will be safe from vegamites (sorry to you folk down-under) for the rest of the year.  Don't worry for drama, there are two player nations not involved and the entire Northern Tier of 'NPC' countries to be scourged.

 So, here are the updated idea for using Veggies as bad guys in Chosen Men.

Scarecrows will need to move as skirmishers, be able to ambush and melee well. After all they are popping up with those weird weapons. No firepower, sort of a one trick pony.

Mushroom Men are counting as two troops in melee, use their spore attack as if armed with pistols (6 inch range).

 Greater Pumpkins count  'as if' they each were three cavalry models,  cause a negative reaction to units testing to take the charge or charge into the Greater Pumpkins.

The Lesser Pumpkins will count as axe armed and able to treat wooded areas as clear terrain for movement.  

Mounted pumpkin headed units will have the stats of Cossacks.

 The Corn Critters get a plus in melee due to their natural ablative armor.  And each Corny figure counts as two in melee.

The leader, Jack, the Pumpkin -headed Lord, will get two traits & skills from the officer lists in the book. 

 More  coming soon, the game is Friday. The map and special game situations are being finalized over the next couple days..

Saturday, October 16, 2021

December 4th Countdown for Quatre Bas game

 I had a short get together with Dan & Ron at Tabletop Games in Kensington about the Quatre Bras planned for December 4th.


British Brigade officers compare notes.

It will feature 28mm figures, maneuvering over five 6' by 4' tables for a 20 by 4 foot playing area. Due to mounting conventions, battalions of infantry will be either 18 man or 20 man units.

Discussions were held about the table dressing, roads, streams and woods. 

The number of players, both minimum ( which we have for the French side) and maximum were discussed.  There will be more on the store's website about the day as the weeks move toward the day of battle.

In the mean time, I must get to the painting table to fimish up on the Prince of Orange figure ..and about 50 other figures.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Another Swedish unit---Savolax Jagers

The Savolax Regiment was  second Jager regiment from the Finnish establishment, lost when Sweden ceded Finland to Russia.

These fellows are part of the massive Swedish purchase from the Perry's about two years ago (and before you ask, I still have nine line battalions to paint.)  A little different in the grey uniform from the other Jager battalions previously shown.

The entire unit. There will be basing/flocking, soon.

Some detail.

The command element, can you make out the whistle in the hand of the right hand figure? 

The Savolax are tapped for the next installment of the vegetable wars. And a few historical based fights against some Russian Jagers!

The two jager regiments from the Finnish establishment will be added to the Swedish Army page when based. Stay tuned!

Monday, October 4, 2021

2021 Quatre Bras 100 Days (down to 63)

Well, thought I'd show proof of life for my friends at Tabletop Games who are hosting the event, and painting the majority of the French forces.   I will edit these photos soon into a "100 Days" page here for coherency.

Pire (Commanding a cavalry Division) and an Aide de Camp  playing 'I thought you had the map!'

From left to right--Husson, Campi, two Ad's.

AdC, Bachelu, Foy


Three to go.