Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Salad Days --Part One

Me to the other Friday Afternoon Old Guys- What should we play 10/29....this or that or a Halloween themed game?

Resounding response--Halloween!   Great, me and my big mouth. Now I basically have a week to gin up forces and rules for the build up to the "First Vegan War." No way I am not making this complicated!

First choice is a Chosen Men scenario, a three way, 500 point forces for the two 'human' parties, one overwhelming force of Pumpkins, Mushroom and Corn  soldiers as well, and  oh yeah- scarecrows.  We play the game often enough to know it will bend before breaking.

The result of a victory by the humans?  They will be safe from vegamites (sorry to you folk down-under) for the rest of the year.  Don't worry for drama, there are two player nations not involved and the entire Northern Tier of 'NPC' countries to be scourged.

 So, here are the updated idea for using Veggies as bad guys in Chosen Men.

Scarecrows will need to move as skirmishers, be able to ambush and melee well. After all they are popping up with those weird weapons. No firepower, sort of a one trick pony.

Mushroom Men are counting as two troops in melee, use their spore attack as if armed with pistols (6 inch range).

 Greater Pumpkins count  'as if' they each were three cavalry models,  cause a negative reaction to units testing to take the charge or charge into the Greater Pumpkins.

The Lesser Pumpkins will count as axe armed and able to treat wooded areas as clear terrain for movement.  

Mounted pumpkin headed units will have the stats of Cossacks.

 The Corn Critters get a plus in melee due to their natural ablative armor.  And each Corny figure counts as two in melee.

The leader, Jack, the Pumpkin -headed Lord, will get two traits & skills from the officer lists in the book. 

 More  coming soon, the game is Friday. The map and special game situations are being finalized over the next couple days..


Jonathan Freitag said...

Perhaps the holiday-themed action ought to be fought in a corn maze?

Ray Rousell said...

This sounds interesting!

pancerni said...

The sort of small project that grows to swallow time. I have created the map and plowed into my critter pile on this one. Down to the wire now as the 29th is tomorrow.

pancerni said...

Inside is a more controllable environment, the last three days have dropped 4+ inches of rain, along with some high winds. Inside it has proven easier to move the Quatre Bras preps forward and create the map of the next game.

pancerni said...

Although the Corn maze idea has merit. And there are lots of them locally, the end of each summer sprout more as time goes on.

Matt Crump said...

This all sounds exciting !

pancerni said...

It is unfolding, even to me, as the players decide what to investigate, more soon.