Monday, January 11, 2016

First 2016 game Bolt Action.

Well,first post of the year, might as well be about something new.
The local hobby store, Silver Eagle Games, started a Bolt Action 'league' with the first game yesterday(January 10th).

 Starting off with 500 point forces for the first three games, going up in 250 point  increments  and later games at two week intervals, I should get to show off my 1939 Polish  army units as they are painted.  I think there are six, maybe seven participants.  The 'hook' for me is the period, that is the 1939 to 1940 war years.  So there is a Russian, Finn, French, German and two Polish players.

The first game was yesterday (10th). I did manage to lose my first game to my opponent Greg, whose skill level brought my force to woe with some clever massing of fire.  Naturally I neglected to bring my camera, so no pictures this time.  Too bad really as Greg's French are nicely painted and mounted.
Greg included an ATG, a 75mm field piece, three squads as well as a MMG and light mortar team.

The scenery was all provided by the store owner, Jacob, who also runs the league and fields a Polish force of his own. Three very nice tables were set, the scenario being the 'maximum attrition' jaunt from the basic rulebook.

Two weeks to the next game, by which time I may have a light mortar and second MMG teams ready to field. I did manage to paint the web gear last night on all the figures used in the last game.  Now I just need some weather above 40 degrees(F) to undercoat some newly acquired figures.

Looking forward to the next game.  Hopefully I remember the camera!  There was a nice Polish 7tpj light tank  and a BA-6 Russian armored car out there.  I guess I'll need to keep the ATR team in my line up!