Tuesday, January 21, 2020

on a personal note...

I try to keep the blog to mostly hobby stuff.  But I have something to share.

Today I got fitted for my first ever  pair of hearing aids.  on the way home I heard Billy Joel play the "Root Beer Rag" on the radio.  Wow, much better when you can hear the 'sparkle' in the notes.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

2020 Imagination campaign- the Northern 'NPC' countries

So, the map is for the Northern tier of NPC countries that I will adjudicate. Basically cribbing the character  process up from WRG Tony Bath's Wargames Campaigns (  which if you don't have, try to find an old copy. ) 

I have chosen the names for the figures in my collection, the Brunswickers, Hanoverians, Dutch Belgians, Hessian and Swedish troops from the 1813 and later period. I have already rolled for the number of noble houses in each country and how many people i each.  As I need them, I will gin up characteristics.  This characteristics should guide me in what these small but important kingdoms will act upon.

I will add the map to the campaign page as well.  The letters/arrows refer to the mapcards and the orientation.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

1939 Polish Armor - Bolt Action models

As promised, the mobile portion of my 1939 Polish force.  1939 Polish armor !

 The dreaded a/c.
The tank that was based on a Vickers model.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

January 2020, Poles for Bolt action.

As per usual, I missed the opening day of a league, an escalation early war BA at the Portal in Manchester, CT.

I do have a force set to go, the first round is 500 points, restricted to squads, mmg, medium or light mortars.

 Two ten man infantry squads, with BAR option in each squad, the attendant LT and Medic to the left.
Better shot of the medic, MMG and Medium mortar. 

These fellows were reported in January 2016....but no photos.  There are another two squads, which look remarkably like the first, as well as second MMG and Medium mortar teams. You can tell I was going for a 1000 points?

Other units later added include a 37mm A/T gun, a 75mm gun (would hardly be a 1939 Polish force without one of these. )

 Astute readers will notice I cut off the barrel counterweight in the photo. Rest assured the model was not damaged. In reality, it is still attached.

The a/t gun suffered no such indignities, sometimes smaller is better.

Oh, and some armor, although sadly no tankettes.  I will show these at a later time. Now to find the D6 that is in Polish.  Żadnych więźniów! (No prisoners!)

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Added a page... Sci Fi

Sorely lacking has been progress on the 'extra' pages which  is something I will devote more time to in 2020.

Bold words, I know. It is the day, and the optimistic outlook generated.

The first added page has a very quick intro to 'Silent Death' one of my sleeper rules sets.  Even some photos of some of the models.


First post of the New Year: Peaky Blinders find at Barnes & Noble

I have really enjoyed the series so far, and maybe there will be more episodes. I have watched it on Netflix (US) but it is a BBC production for those viewers across the pond,

Found this book abut the series, great resource for color photos of clothing circa the 1920's in Britain....at least Birmingham. Anyway, at half off the cover for a year end sale, it was an impulse purchase I was glad to make.

The connection to wargames?  A great source for ideas in the interwar period.  Besides, the photos are cool.

"By order of the Peaky Blinders"


Monday, December 23, 2019

December Wrap up, 2019 in review

Merry Christmas, everyone!

We wrapped up our first Path  of the Serpent game a couple of Fridays ago.  Trembling, the party survivors ( one got eaten by a Star Vampire) hid in a small room of a jungle altar until the giant snake went away.

 One in process Star Vampire (look ma, no cape!)
Upshot to this, I promised the next adventure to be someplace away from the jungle. A nice, dry temple. What could go wrong?

 Snake men, feathered serpents,
 Temple guardians,
....and of course, the big guy.
These last four photos show what might come, based on the expansion.

 Even better, we should have a full crew of 5 players as the 'Friday pm old guys' get reinforced--by my granddaughters! We should be delving into the temple this Friday pm. Pretty much the last game of the season & 2019.

 Expedition Leader, Professor.
 Mechanic/fix-it person, Adventuress

So this year we've worked with two expansions of Mansions of Madness, the re-issued Battle of Britain game (PSC), started Ice age hunting and warfare (Tribal, and supplements), enjoyed some IHMN scenarios and a decent amount of Napoleonic skirmish using Chosen Men. Pretty eclectic, but enough to put a few games up where we all knew the rules.

Also got the bones up for an imagination continent campaign.

Next year? More Mansions, IHMN, Chosen Men. Hopefully my copy of Anno Domini 1666 arrives early enough in the year to make a game feasible in the first quarter.  Some opening moves in the imagination campaign and maybe some play testing of some siege rules since I missed both local games at Peter A's ( see Gonsalvo's Blunders on the  Danube blog.) doing sieges.

Honestly, I had even painted siege guns!

At my count so far, I have put out more blog entries than any year since 2013.  Not that I was ever prolific. Maybe 2020 will see me break 20!

And a happy New Year!