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Tanksgiving, finally. Bolt Action armor follies

 Don't get me wrong, it is just the anticipation of the mayhem coupled with some very busy prep on the vehicles.   I did want a late war focus and a unified command. Last year's game was a catch all force with a Char bis, R35, and two BT7's.  Fun, eclectic but basically a come as you are force, not for lack of trying, but basically outgunned in most match-ups.  This year USA all the way. A Pershing, Chaffee, Hellcat, and Priest.  Still deciding on how to squeeze in the Four tanks (by event definition they all qualify as tanks,  i.e., they have a gun and armor. ) into the 1000 points allowed.  I hate this part.  The Pershing , as veteran,  is 484 points,    the Chaffee is 200 points with the 'recce ' option I wanted. This leaves the M18 Hellcat and M7 Priest to adjust for the remaining 316 points.      The tank destroyer at veteran is 192 points (with recce)        which leaves the M7 with 124 points.  So the three veteran units are backed up by an inexperienced rate

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