Monday, March 30, 2020

Anno Domini 1666 part eight---the Cossacks

Bohun is an important character in the Fire and Sword trilogy, taking the stage as the leader of Cossacks and swordsman. He provides a villain to Skrzetuski's hero and a danger to the heroine, Helen. Bohun has several supporting characters that are in the faction box.

 As with many factions, a smaller separate box completes the faction. Here are Kmicic and Azya.

The main box includes Bohun, Esaul Anton  , Hopyna the witch, Czeremis the dwarf, three Moloits (Cossacks).

There are several chaotic and some evil aligned characters, and a few neutral. Definitely a band for the player who wants a little bad in their (swash)buckle. Allying with the Ottomans or the Order of the Broken Cross wuld not be out of order.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Anno Domini 1666 part 7 --First game

"A cup of tea or should I make a pot?" asked my lovely wife.  On the second Sunday of  ' stay at home ' time I thought I can offer a look at the first run at the game mechanics of my new copy of Anno Domini 1666.  So with a few photos loaded and a pot of tea in reach, I present my (solo) first play of the scenario 'Death in the Tavern'.

For those not in possession of a copy (the company just finished delivery of the kickstarter) of the game, decks of cards are used to adjudicate attempts at tasks and combat. The decks are patterned on poker decks, but the suits are head,heart,cup, shoe. The cards numbered 2 though 8 plus the 2 jokers are used for testing. Red jokers are rated at a value of ten, black jokers are automatic fails, with a value of zero.  If you use 4 cards that were 8's or jokers, iin any combination, you reshuffle he deck.

Since I have partially painted the factions 'King's Musketeers and 'Defenders of the Crown' I laid down D'Artangan  holding the letter and Athos near by, along with two musketeers in the tavern. The French have 'blue' on their bases.

The Polish faction included three dragoons, along with Skrzetuski, Wolodyjowski and Longinus to come crashing into the tavern. The Poles have 'red' on their bases.

Both factions started with 4 cards, two from the scenario and two from the characters chosen.  Each turn, the 'hand' gets two new cards, and special situations add more cards to the hand.

 At the very top center of the photo you can see Wolodyjowski and two dragoons entering the Tavern. To their right are two musketeers. To the left are Athos and D'Artagnan, who has the letter. Longinus is just to the right and lower in photo than the musketeers. Skrzetuski is directly below D'Artagnan.

Wolodyjowski moved to confront Athos. Dragoon 1 moved to Musketeer 1. D'Artagnan moved to Wolodyjowskil in support of Athos, Musketeer 2 moved behind Wolodyjowski.
Longinus moved to and opened door to tavern (task with a difficulty level of 7, passed easily).  Skrzetuski moved towards the door Longinus had opened.

Combat comes after action phase, which included all movement. Dragoon 1 fought Musketeer 1; Pulling a 3(head)+5(shoe)+8(head)+ skill of 1 =6. The Musketeer pulled a 3heart+5(shoe)+3(head)+skill of 1=5. This should have resulted in a couple of wounds to the musketeer, but I had made an error in valuing the reinforcing cards and killed the musketeer.

Longinus wound up next to musketeer 2, combat was swift---Longinus pulled an 8(heart) +2 (skill) for a ten. The Musketeer pulled a 3(cup) + skill of 1 =4. The difference in score of 6 plus the damage brought by Longinus' weapon of +2 killed off Musketeer 2.
This left the King's Musketeers with only the heroes, as both Musketeers were dead.

Wolodyjowski next moved against Athos; drawing a 2(hearts) +1 for quick slash,+ skill of 3 gave the Pole a 5. Athos drew 7 (hearts) +3 skill=10. Wolodyjowski parried the blow, his riposte did no damage.

 The combat with D'Artagnan saw both he and Wolodyjowski playing red jokers (10); this meant the one point difference in scores due to Wolodyjowski's quick slash gave D'Artagnan one wound.

Obviously, Wolodyjowski as a fencer not to be trifled with!
Longinus on Musketeer 2. At the end turn 1.

Turn 2 saw more Athos versus Wolodyjowski combat being a standstill due to fencing tokens allowing parrys. Unfortunately for D'Artagnan, a reshuffle for the Poles allowed Longinus to strike with a red joker versus D'Artagnan's 2 of cups. The difference in score and damage from Longinus' weapon meant death to the plucky Frenchman.

At the end turn 2.

Since Athos is outnumbered 5 to one, and not in possession of the letter, the Defenders of the crown were the victors, scoring 4 points at this time. There were 7 alarm counters left after 2 turns and 3 character deaths.

While not completed, some of the characters were partially painted for this go round.   I will post photos when the painting is complete.
Longinus, with two victories. But they did not line up!

 Wolodyjowski, of the whirling blades.
Skrzetuski, who would certainly tip the balance against Athos.

Steady Athos, last man standing from the King's Musketeers.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Anno Domine 1666 part 6 - Monster Hunter faction, Gangster faction

The Monster Hunter faction is part of the mercenaries, but only certain characters. this means they are spread out over a few packs. They have certain....skills, and some specialized equipment.  You can hire individuals for other factions, or bring them as their own faction.

Right to left, Sepp  De Vrees,  faction leader of the Monster Hunters, Gerard, complete with trophy, and Ernst Koning. Missing is Father Maximillian, from the Chamber of Horrors set, who dabbles as an exorcist.

The mercenaries also can supply the criminal world above the level of thug and pick pocket....the Viennese version of the mafia.The individuals can support another faction or the faction can run as a whole. Interesting groups.

Antonio, Lorenzo, a gypsy that wandered in, and Elaina, criminal mastermind of Vienna's underground society.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Different Drummers- catching up a few units.

You may recall  some Austrian line and Portuguese Cacadores being featured.  Here are the drummers for those units.

The center figure is not a drummer, but you knew that!  It is a Carlist infantryman from the Perry's First Carlist War. 

Except for a lot of Russian infantry and figures for Anno Domine in the queue, nothing else to show right now.

I will do some painting now, we are having a late March snowstorm today, so no yard work.

Stay safe hope you are all well and having fun gaming or getting stuff ready for when you can again.

Anno Domine 1666 part 5- Ottoman faction

Continuing the look at the factions available for play, here are the Ottomans.  Many in the band are Janissaries, but a few even more exotic choices are available to advance the interest of the Sublime Porte.

 The Janissaries are tough soldiers.

From left to right, a savage Dellis, Esmerelda, 3 Janissaries, the Aga, or leader, and the second in command.
Finally, Ibrham, a sorcerer, and Hatmi, a faithful servant.

Anno Domine 1666 part 4- the commoners

Not a faction, per se, but an integral part of many scenarios are the common citizens, thugs, town watch. Most of these are in the main box of the game, and can often be used to beef up a faction's roster...or hunt monsters!  These will be painted up in groups and the photos replaced as I get to them.

 Peasants from the Blood Moon pack. Used in certain scenarios.

 Imp, beggar, gypsy, lady of the night, Burgher.

 Night watch.

Anno Domini 1666 part 3- the Polish faction

Continuing on the figures from the game the Supporters of the Royal Crown faction.

Heroes from the 'Fire and Sword' trilogy
Polish dragoons.

 Kettering, from the middle volume, if memory serves.