Monday, July 26, 2021

Quick note before the delivery------ August 22 gaming day

 I am anticipating a delivery of a replacement window, so this will be a hurried note.

  The Tabletop Gaming store in Kensington will host its first (monthly) historical gaming day on August 22. 5 (five) tables to be available. Their website gives an email address to reserve a space. They bill it as open gaming, as it is their first attempt at hosting historicals. 

I will attend, most likely bring some troops as well.

More later. No, I won't bore you about the window. 

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Coming soon - more ftf games at Tablerop Games

 Recently a local hobby store had a 'garage sale '  and later announced once a month historical events, alternating Black Powder and Bolt Action events. 

There will be up to 6 tables, each 4ft by 6ft avaliable and these can be shifted to make bigger tables.. 

Starts in August. Meanwhile, there is a small selection of Warlord kit on the shelf, just ask where it is located. The store ran a Friday of Black Powder and a Saturday of Bolt Action.  

Coming out of lockdown is gonna be good.

Kensington (  CT )   is about to get more frequent visits.

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Meet Eloise, coming addition addition to the King's Musketeers at my house

 A good addition to the AD1666 forces for France...and tabletop avatar for my wife when she plays.  My local gaming friends know what a big deal it is for my wife to 'be amused' enough to play.  She is a big swash-buckle movie fan, and this game does a good job of intriguing someone who is essentially a non gamer.

 The figure is actually from the "Hot and Dangerous" line (28mm); I plunked for the metal version to get as much detail as possible.  The figure came in four pieces, rapier/hand, body/head, right leg, hat....  and a base so technically five.

Base coat white, light wash of a brown stain to help my tired eyes see the detail.

A light blue on the pants, some brown on the boots.

Slightly larger view. Very dainty looking, but in the game...skilled as a musketeer and more agile than Porthos  & Athos. 

 I promise to get her done and in the mix this month.  She is going to look much better with some color & detail. Watch out, Milady & Rochefort!

Thursday, June 24, 2021

1813 Swedish Army Brigade ( box) 5

 This brigade served detached in  Walmoden's Corps in Northern Germany. Opponents included French and Danish forces. No battles as large as the ones around Leipzig, but interesting nonetheless.  This wraps up the six box saga, leaving the Cavalry units to a later date, although I have photos on the Swedish Army tab.

Commander: Lt. General Bergenstrohla

Bohuslans IR



Lighter blue coats than standard later on.

Jonkoping IR

To be painted

A little off the beaten path-1809 Hesse-Cassel effort

Hesse Kassel was subsumed early on in the Napoleonic Wars.  This made its former prince rather a inveterate enemy who attempted a few times to raise troops to fight the French Emperor's forces.  In 1809 he convinced the Austrians to bankroll a contingent of infantry, cavalry and artillery to take the field against the French. There was to be a Kur-Hessischen Legion.


 There was a light battalion:

A Garde Grenadier Battalion:

There were to be two line infantry regiments, however recruiting proved too sparse to field these.

I used the Sash and Saber casts for the units, was pleased with them.  The flags were downloads from Warflag, I think....this was over a decade ago. There were also raised a squadron each of Dragoons and Hussars, but I did not model them. I might have to rethink that.

Just big enough as units to fit in our imagination campaign, most likely as a sub -ruler to what effectively is Hanover.

The uniforms are described in detail in Osprey Men at Arms No. 122.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

My only unit of Calpe figures

Some units are under strength in the era of 18 is the new 12.  Here are the Prussian Jagers from a bunch of Historicons ago.  My plan had been to pick up more Prussians each year, best laid plans & all.  They have been painted over 10 years ago, just never got to showing them on the blog.


  A unit of 12, I do have four more castings somewhere....I'll need to order the remaining pair, and a few other figures to bring the unit up to strength. That will be my excuse, anyway.

1813 Swedish Army box(Brigade) 6

 Commanded by Major General Boize

Now you would think a brigade with only two units, one battalion each, would be done. Nope, but recruits are on hand. 

Kroneberg (venerable mini-figs, again) I.R.


 The lads will be given a standard, have the bases given a freshening when the rest of the brigade arrives.

Kalmar (to be painted)

Now since there is room in the box, the rest of the artillery park will be placed here.