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April projects

 Well. Things are moving along.  My hobby time is starting to reappear with my wife's recovery moving forward ahead of schedule.    The first Silver Bayonet scenario in April was played. A second scenario  ( number 3 ) is planned for Friday the 12th.   It's only a paper moon in a cardboard sky...actually a cardboard stockade hot glued to a corrugated base on a butcher paper ground cloth.  I spare no expense in time or money for terrain.   I was a late onlooker for a Saturday game set in the gnome verse  put on by Edgar at the Tabletop Games store.  What a difference a day makes. Edgar has searched the internet and Dollar Stores to out fit his terrain sets and painted an all gnome force. Leprechaun cavalry,  down by the old shoe house. Tree man not happy about the tank! More silly armor, and a gnome in a Tam. In the distance,  Sikh gnomes on tigers? I cannot attest to what happened in the game,  but the table was awesome.    Trees, trees and buildings       Rocky outcrops and g

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