Sunday, January 31, 2021

Darkest Africa


 Change in Management

 Announcing the Darkest Africa page.  We have taken over the moribund 'for sale' is now populated with Baluchi,  Masai, the bearer train, and the village people. No not the band. It will feature figures from ranges like Foundry, Copplestone, Northstar and others as I find 'em in the cellar and paint them up.

Pumpkin progress

 Yeah, more of these. . These are the 'Greater Pumpkins' from the Wars of Ozzz line.

Very basely coated.

Farther along, the whole bunch.  ( Do pumpkins come in bunches?)

More later.  Stay tuned.

AD 1666 game

 We three old guys continue to be enchanted with this game.  One of the three player scenarios has turned into a barn burning two Friday afternoon sessions. " Just go pick up a ring from the grave, we've even dug up the body already, what could be simpler?"

As always, if you click on the photos, they enlarge.

A very far away shot, it does cover the whole of the action.

It was hard fought, over 10 heroes died, along with musketeers, cossacks and dragoons. 

Even heroes need support, lone Pole against too many.

In the end, under a fusillade of musketry, time ran out with no one in possession of the ring, as the third person to possess it died and there was no time left to pick it up. 

The bulk of the cossacks at the start.

The rest of the cossacks, dogged by Shestuski and Wolodowsky.

Left, D'Artagnan and Porthos, center Zagloba and Longinous, Azar and Bohun to the left. Yes, a real whirlwind.

The game was the debut of the cossacks, painted, here the moliets.

The heroes, though Bohun would not stay still.

Monday, January 18, 2021

Mixing Media

Being butterflies in our weekly game choices, I accepted the task of 'how about some pulp style games' posed by Roger and Greg.  What followed was some casting about, settling on Savage Worlds as the rules engine and picking '20-30's (with allowed twists) as the background.

Greg and Roger both set up characters, next session was just Greg and I walking through the mechanics. I did not want to concentrate on fighting, so we tried a scenario centered on Greg getting intel.

Setting: last hours of a zeppelin flight ending near Rome, circa early 1920's.  Greg's character can choose who he interacts with in the crow of passengers in the common areas. The Zeppelin is populated by figures from Pulp Miniatures, Brigade Games, and Mansions of Madness. The Zeppelin itself is represented in 2-D tiles from the 'Horrfic Journey's ; module of the Mansions line. 

The Zeppelin tiles are in full color, unlike many of the figures shown in the photos. In my defense, I had two days to come up with a scenario, choose figures that were not armed to the teeth and then find the rules to read.

One of the ideas we had was to use the 'tiles' to regulate movement and ranges. No tapes, very liberating.
Greg's character, and service dog, are in top row, middle space above.
Photo of the entire zeppelin interior.  Sadly the primed figures stand out better than the painted ones!

Greg's character heard tales about an ancient artifact of power. He found out about where it might be found. Now, if he can find his notes he can catch a train to start his journey.

Part of the train layout. The tiles lend atmosphere and present interesting problems for the gamers, and they do not suffer trying to decipher my sketching, six foot of train!

Pumpkins and Pizza

Dual purpose title. Here is my long-suffering wife and her friend posing outside Bohemian Pizza in Litchfield. 



We are trying to mask at all times in public.

 We had traveled to Waterbury for an appointment, it was 'on the way home.' My CT friends know how good it is there, we had the Basil. 

Now for the Pumpkins, the second half of the title.

There was a kickstarter for the "Wars of Ozzz" co-run by an english firm Sally Forth, and Old Glory stateside. The Wizard of Oz, with some changes (queue the extra zz's) to steer clear some copyright issues. 

There are Munchkins, witches, Winkies and of course flying monkeys. The protagonists for the control of Ozzz are broken up in factions, each faction getting a leader such as the Munchkin's Grand Wizard, Zoraster; Glinda, protector of the Quadlings; Evora, mistress of the Winkies, et cetera.

A faction coming soon struck my fancy, the Harvest Lands. The ruler? King Jack the Pumpkin Headed Lord. Cue grainy photo:

He will be armed with a scythe in good time.

He is a sorcerer, and ruler of a land that serves as breadbasket and cockpit to the rest of Ozzz. Some of his citizens include some human sized, or 'Lesser Pumpkin Heads:

Now that I have called them that, here is a greater pumpkin head; the shocktroops for the land of Harvest:

Mounted on a 2x2 inch stand, these are impressive ranked up. Or alone.

Obviously, they are not far they are being used for a color study as just orange is too monochromatic on the head.  Just too much fun not to share. 

The range comes with a set of rules available, written by Buck Surdu.  I am ok with the core of the rules, but am interested more in his scenario suggestions. I may slot them into the imagination campaign, maybe somewhere the players don't get involved.

Sunday, January 3, 2021

AD 1666 Cossacks in paint

 Last March I showcased all the factions in the unpainted, out of the box state.  Here are some painted up.

The heroes. Bohun is a little fuzzy, or is it just an action shot?
The faithful Cossack rank and file.

So far on the table they have acquired a fearsome rep, slaughtering monsters and commoners. 

Rest of Indian Army units

 I have  a few rifle squads that round out my Indian Army troops for the late 19th through early 20th century.  The figures are a mix of Copplestone, Foundry and Old Glory.

I think these are the Copplestone, good for 20's 30's although I often  drag them back further.
Foundry, in the late 19th century lines.
Old Glory Indian Army from  their colonial  range.  I have done these up more colorfully, my intent is units from one of the minor rulers under British control.  hence the different hue of khaki.
Copplestone officers flanking an OG officer.

German units real and imagined

 Got to have villains and in the Pulp/Noir time frame the Germans are commonly used as such. 

So here is what I have in the ready boxes, all attempting to further the 'no goodness guys.'

German marines, called Seebattalion, from the Old Glory Boxer Rebellion range.
Pulp Figures Zepplin Truppen, a bit of Noir fun.
Two officer types from the Zeppelin Truppen line. The fellow on the left could command a period U-Boat.
Last up, actual Mountain troops, these fellows from Brigade Games.

FFL and Senagalese

 Suitable for the '30's through WW2, here are some french Foreign Legion troops.

First up, some Artizan troops.

This group comes in at close to 20 figures. So front of group.
Rear of group. Wonderful to paint. Great poses.
Officers who wore the red cap, with gold lace.
Senegalese, from Warlord, a squad pack.
A better angle on the NCO with a Thompson, which happens in '43 as the Americans start supplying the Free French.
Everyone is mounted on 7/8" fender washers, sand and  Elmer's glue painted with craft paints.
These have been in the finished box  for awhile but will be receiving reinforcements Ala Murch's Pulp Figures.  I could not resist the character packs.