Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Daughter is awesome!

I took a minute to show my daughter some new items on the Perry Bros. website about a week before Christmas. Just to point out how cool they were, a field farrier set and an ammunition wagon from the Napoleonic British range.

I got them as a present from her at Christmas. Perry ships fast!

She has her own lancer unit from when she was in middle school.  She designed the uniforms, I painted them. Can't show them to you, as they reside at their Colonel's house.

She has two daughters. They are three and five. Maybe I can convince them to play. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

To EllisCon!

On Saturday, the 19th our group of wargame buddies will run a table top game featuring the assault on the redoubts at Borodino.  We'll run from 11 am until it's done; there will be thousands ( as in more than 2,000) of 28mm troops on the table, which will include some custom built terrain.

As part of my contribution for the Russian force, I am bringing 4 grenadier battalions, 8 line battalions of infantry, four batteries of guns and six cavalry regiments. In the first photo we see the cavalry column which consists of a Cossack regiment, two Hussar and two Dragoon regiments.  If you've read the progress reports (posted from July through October) you seen most of these fellows- although now they sport spiffy basing!  The cavalry in this shot are Old Glory.

Next up, a view of the middle and rear of the column as it winds its way to the battle,  with two of the grenadier battalions following. There is also a horse artillery battery in there somewhere, with a better view in a later photo. The cavalry again, are old Glory, the Grenadiers in the background from Sash and Saber.  The flags are from Warflag, courtesy of my HP inkjet printer.  The out of focus generals and staff are Minifig, over twenty years old but still able to take the field.
And to round things out, there is the infantry division, with the corps artillery on an adjacent road.  The Corps Commander and the Artillery Commander view from a convenient hilltop.

Oh, a close up of the horse gun.  Unlike some of our local gamers, I like to have a limber team at least for the horse batteries, for the very reason they don't like...the table space that the limbers and teams actually took up on the field!  Hmmmm, I may have to get more of these for the summer!

If you are from the CT or Eastern Mass area, consider coming to the con.  There is a surprisingly wide variety of games, the con is a fundraiser for the schools gaming club, there is always an interesting group of flea market items for sale.  Did I mention the food is onsite, very reasonable, and helps out the schools PTO? Google 'Ellis Con' for directions.  One day, the 19th, from 9am to 9 pm.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cavalry project part fin Russian Hussars for Borodino

Continuing the cavalry of the 3rd Cavalry Division for the Borodino game, after the dragoons I painted the ninth brigade consisting of two hussar regiments.  The Marioupol  Hussars were the first unit of the 9th brigade completed.   They were brigaded with the Soum Hussars, the fourth and last Russian regular cavalry unit I have painted for the Borodino project.    I also painted some Cossacks, probably Bug River Cossacks, for the game using some Old Glory Cossacks from the 17th century range.

The Marioupol Hussars in 1812 wore dark blue as the dolman and pelisse color. This regiment was the home of 'The Cavalry Maiden' who was a female, Nadezda Durova, who joined first the Polish Uhlan Regiment and later transferred to the Marioupol Hussars during the Napoleonic wars, seeing action at Friedland, Smolensk and various other battles.   Great read, lots of ideas for small scenarios in a period that games seem to be always focused on the giant battles.  ISBN 0-253-20549-2 is the book id, friom Indiana University Press, my copy is dated 1989, so probably a used book if you're looking to buy.  My copy is in softcover and contains one map and three illustrations of the subject.
 The Soum Hussars by 11812 wore a grey ensemble of dolman and pelisse- and red trousers.

.Both units are Old Glory castings.  Lots of animation in the units, fitting the hands with various weapons helped show the unit in a lot of differing poses.  The colors were primarily craft paints with a few model colors, like steel and silver used where needed.  Funny, it is the regiment of a 20th Century officer in the Czar's army of WW1 who wrote a book on his experiences that I got from a wargaming friend.  So having these two regiments painted up is actually kind of  a curiosity for me.
 Although not a part of the cavalry division, how can you not paint a Cossack unit when doing Russian Horse?

From the Old Glory Renaissance range (OG doesn't make the Napoleonic specific Cossack for some reason) they lack lances but make up for it in carbines and pistols use.  Next order for Old Glory will see some spears be used as lances, maybe I'll use some green stuff to make straps to hold the lances.
 A 'helicopter' view -talk about anachronisms- of the 9th brigade of the 3rd cavalry Division, Russian Army of 1812.
By the way, the basing is incomplete, I need to add rocks, grass and "shrubbery" to the various units.  If you keep up, you may well see these units in all their glory in the Borodino AAR's as we test the scenario. 

So a few commanders, some remounting, some new grenadiers, cavalry and Cossacks mean the Borodino painting commitment for me is complete.  Watch Barry F's "Czar Barry' blog and Peter A's 'Blunders on the Danube' blog for more painting and planning for what should be a great game at 2012's Historicon.

Now I can paint some not Russian Napoleonic figures, hmmm, so much to paint, so little time.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sidestep to the left, March

In a recent flurry of activity to get ready for our 2012 Borodino Game at Historicon this summer, we have been comparing notes on how many general figures are available. Peter A. (Gonsalvo) and Barry F (Czar Barry) are putting together the massive scenario, complete with OoB's and map and specialized terrain. The rest of us slugs are painting troops and learning to use Piquet's Field of Battle, 2nd edition for the game.

Once, in a past life, I actually had over 1200 Russian Napoleonic figures, mostly minifigs, in 25mm.  I sold them off almost 20 years ago, but had kept figures from the collection no one wanted to purchase.  I mean, after all, Yankees never throw anything away, eh?!

Volunteering that I had at least two of the needed generals, I went into the Cellar of Doom  (the basement where I keep my toys) and found that actually, I have more than two.  I will remount them, and add them to the figures I am supplying for our partial Borodino scenario at "EllisCon" which is on November 19th near Danielson, CT. 

Now what you really want to see are the twenty year old figures, so here they are.  The basing will be finished prior to the EllisCon game.  ( Hence the title of the post, I am not finished with all the Russian cavalry I am to provide)

First up ( I know the photo is a little dark, batteries started to go) could be the Russian Artillery General in charge of the Artillery park, who died leading a counter attack into the Great Redoubt. 
 A possible Corps commander?  My painting style is different now that I use acrylics rather than alkyd enamels (think humbrol) as I did in the murky past.
 Two generals ( the one on the right is a pre 1978 minifig) in Bicornes
 Two officers in kiver and cap respectively.
 And last but not least, a Cossack commander for the hordes of the irregulars waiting to take the French left flank after they swim the river.

Monday, September 26, 2011

A few TYW shots

Greg H. came over and we set up an Anchor of Faith game set loosely in the TYW.  Here are some photos of Greg Hanson's TYW figures. Greg ran Swedish Brigades against the smaller Late Imperialist battalions I fielded.  Maybe next time I'll try Tercios!

 Greg's center infantry advances.  After setting up we happened to catch that Swedish Brigades counted as two units, so I was slightly outnumbered in infantry units, not that it mattered much in the game.
Greg's cavalry advance.
   These were just as successful, teaming with his infantry to defeat my side's cavalry. The decentralized chip pools made for some very interesting gambits and helped reflect the difficulty coordinating an army in the period.

Greg's left flank infantry  advances.

 Greg even got an infantry attack in on some of my right flank cavalry.  Oh, the horror!
It was a lot of fun to get the pike and shot out, but I want a rematch!

I'll probably have to put up some shots of my Polish army to begin my psychological warfare campaign before I play again.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

New sci-fi skirmish rule set

As an old timer, I remember more sets of rules gone by the board, but every once in a while a new one that looks promising comes along. 

The Forge of War yahoo group (at least for the next few days) has a set of skirmish rules linked to the 40k background.  The set is a cross between some of the Rogue Trader  and Necromunda.  Small groups of troops per player, scenario based games, mini campaigns as a basis of play. 

Did I mention free download?   The only hitch is the yahoo group will be 'going dark' as the owner will be migrating to a new service soon.  So if you want to get a pretty good set of rules for very small level sci fi skirmish, give these a look!

Cavalry Painting Project Second Russian Dragoon Unit

In  this project, I started with the Russian Dragoons after getting past the base/stain/wash  on all of the mounts.  The units would represent those from the 1812 campaign, from the  same cavalry division.  I just finished my second Dragoon regiment, the one with the turquoise facings,  and started blocking out colors on the Huzzar units and the cossacks as well.  When I am done, the Mariupol and Soum Hussars will complete the third brigade of the cavalry division.  The Cossacks will be part of the army's horde of said troops.

Orenburg Dragoons with spiffy new basing.

And, as promised the turquoised faced Kourland Dragoons.

'We' got a bit behind as the weekend has been preparing for, sitting through and cleaning up after the hurricane called Irene. I would guess Peter and Barry had it worse than here based on the storm's track. Now its Labor Day weekend, I hope to get a bit of work done on the hussar units.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Russian Dragoons part 3 of Cavalry project

I decided that the dragoon units will represent the 9th brigade of the 1812 3rd Cavalry Division.  Mostly because the Kourland Dragoons have turquoise facings. The Orenberg Dragoons have black facings, so they get painted first, sort of a vegetables before dessert schedule of painting.  Both units will have horses in the bay and roan colors, with the musicians on grey mounts, of course.  Here are the Orenberg Dragoons, a few more days and the Kourland Dragoons will be done as well.   Then it's either the Hussars or the cossacks, I am not sure which.

Anyway, here are the Orenberg Dragoons, after paint but before flock!  First, the full unit.

Then the CO, bugler and son to be standard bearer in close up.

The Kourland Dragoons will look similar, just with more colorful facings.   Czar Barry will be happy,  more honest Russian horsemen to face the French next summer at Borodino.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

OG British line, the prepainted units

Well. I did treat myself to some "no Historicon this year" figures, but given commitments to Czar Barry and the 2012 Borodino painting schedule, they were the OG '2nd Edition' pre-painted 1815 British line.  I picked up a box each of the command, center and flank companies in both blue and yellow facings.

I was very happy with the quality, both of the painting (let's face it, better than I can do) and the packaging. Of course, the service was great also, ....I've been an army member for years, always ordering two to four times a year and getting exactly what I ordered and quickly delivered as well.  But, you're probably here for the photos:

 The first photo shows the command pack, notice the Elmer's glue is still wet!

Closer even view.  Other unit, notice NCO's sponsoon posed slightly different from first unit.
Finally,an entire unit of 18.  There are actually two units, the only difference is the standard bearers and sergeants are in slightly different poses.   Oh, and I have a pair of units in blue facings! ;-)    The flags are downloads from ;  great site, free flags!  These in particular are in the historical brigade in the June 1815 OOB  so you can be sure to get the correct unit colors for the various units with a particular color facing.  Pack's and Kempt's Brigades are started.

Hopefully this week I will get the basing done on these fellows and the Chassuers a Cheval.

New Cavalry Units painted French Chassuers a Cheval 1st and 6th Reg.

Did I mention I have several projects going on at once?  As part of building toward a game based on 1815's Quatre Bras in 2015, I have been slowly assembling and painting the Dutch-Belgian, British, Brunswick, Nassau and Hanoverian troops involved. 

As a part of this project, I decided also to paint up Pire's command for the French, the  light cavalry that was such a nasty surprise to so many of the allied foot units in the high corn on the battlefield.  Almost a year ago I received in a trade a unit of Cheveau-Leger Lanciers, destined to be the nucleus of the command, and decided to paint up the remaining  units, starting with the Chassuers A Cheval regiments.

The castings are from Sash and Saber, good looking tin soldiers even in the unpainted form.  The two units in Pire's comamnd are the 1st and the 6th regiments, in scarlet and yellow facings respectively. 

The 6th on its unfinished bases.

And the 1st as well. Oops, I have a little flash clean up on the officer's mount's legs to do as well, I see. 

These units will also do double duty as part of our map campaign troops. Didn't want anyone thinking they'd be unused for almost four years!  Behind the Chassuers in the background is another part of the Quatre Bras project, but that is for another entry.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Russian units for Borodino 2012 project.

I have committed to several units of infantry and cavalry for our 'Hofkrieg Rats" summer 2012 Borodino scenario.  Since Barry Frandsen  (see Czar Barry  blog) and Peter Anderson (Blunders on the Danube blog) are hard at work on units for this green and blue table-thumper come next summer, I thought I'd bring them and all of you photos of the most recent units hitting the table top.

The grenadiers are OG 2nd edition, I finished these up in mid June.  Nice castings, easy to paint, ready to play n the practice rounds of the scenarios for next H-Con and whatever else we can dream up for them.

These are painted up with standards for the Moscow and Kiev Grenadier Regiments, from a brigade in the 1812 2nd grenadier Division.

Next up are the OG line troops in caps, a departure from the kiwer topped fellows, as well as sporting thier nifty brown overcoats.  Not too hard to paint, I must confess there is another of these regiments on the to be painted queue so keep checking to see how long it takes to get them done!  Kursk IR, from the 1812 10th Division, brigaded with the Jaroslav IR.

Here is a shot of the 10th Division units painted as of July 2011. I still have to complete the Jager Regiments. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

First Post -Austrian Artillery battery in 28mm

The first Austrian battery I have procured in 40 years of war gaming.  I wanted to add an Advance Guard Division to our"Hofkrieg Rats" forces, so I needed among other elements at least one battery of artillery.  I chose the Sash and Saber  crew and guns for the deployed firing line pose and have some of the needed figures from Old Glory for the limbered stands.   I still 'need ' a gun model suitable to seat the riders on the 'sausage seat' of the limbered version. That, and painting the limber team and works.  

The figures painted up nicely, I am happy with the quality of the cannon as well. The cannons are too large for the OG 'sausage rider' casting, hence the need for another bag of lead!  Let's hope the battery shoots straight!