Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Another Swedish unit---Savolax Jagers

The Savolax Regiment was  second Jager regiment from the Finnish establishment, lost when Sweden ceded Finland to Russia.

These fellows are part of the massive Swedish purchase from the Perry's about two years ago (and before you ask, I still have nine line battalions to paint.)  A little different in the grey uniform from the other Jager battalions previously shown.

The entire unit. There will be basing/flocking, soon.

Some detail.

The command element, can you make out the whistle in the hand of the right hand figure? 

The Savolax are tapped for the next installment of the vegetable wars. And a few historical based fights against some Russian Jagers!

The two jager regiments from the Finnish establishment will be added to the Swedish Army page when based. Stay tuned!


James Fisher said...

You are not 'cheating' with these fellows though and they look grand!
Love the whistling figure—or is he simply picking his nose (lots of dust, smoke and grit on them battlefields)?
Regards, James

rross said...

Another nice addition to your growing Napoleonic Swedish force Joe!

pancerni said...

Definitely it is a whistle. Either your alternative or my observation shows the detail on the figures, anyway! The unit had been partially done for a bit, just nice to get it in the rolls.

pancerni said...

Thanks, I must catch up in the New Year to your Swedish project in quantity of units finished.