Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Cavalry Units painted French Chassuers a Cheval 1st and 6th Reg.

Did I mention I have several projects going on at once?  As part of building toward a game based on 1815's Quatre Bras in 2015, I have been slowly assembling and painting the Dutch-Belgian, British, Brunswick, Nassau and Hanoverian troops involved. 

As a part of this project, I decided also to paint up Pire's command for the French, the  light cavalry that was such a nasty surprise to so many of the allied foot units in the high corn on the battlefield.  Almost a year ago I received in a trade a unit of Cheveau-Leger Lanciers, destined to be the nucleus of the command, and decided to paint up the remaining  units, starting with the Chassuers A Cheval regiments.

The castings are from Sash and Saber, good looking tin soldiers even in the unpainted form.  The two units in Pire's comamnd are the 1st and the 6th regiments, in scarlet and yellow facings respectively. 

The 6th on its unfinished bases.

And the 1st as well. Oops, I have a little flash clean up on the officer's mount's legs to do as well, I see. 

These units will also do double duty as part of our map campaign troops. Didn't want anyone thinking they'd be unused for almost four years!  Behind the Chassuers in the background is another part of the Quatre Bras project, but that is for another entry.

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  1. The Sash and Sabers French Chasseurs are very nice; just wish they'd add ore to their range! 2 of my own 4 French Chasseur regts ae S&S; ironically the 1st and 5th, red and yellow facings. Which Chevau-Leger Lancier regt was in Pire's brigade?