Thursday, July 14, 2011

Russian units for Borodino 2012 project.

I have committed to several units of infantry and cavalry for our 'Hofkrieg Rats" summer 2012 Borodino scenario.  Since Barry Frandsen  (see Czar Barry  blog) and Peter Anderson (Blunders on the Danube blog) are hard at work on units for this green and blue table-thumper come next summer, I thought I'd bring them and all of you photos of the most recent units hitting the table top.

The grenadiers are OG 2nd edition, I finished these up in mid June.  Nice castings, easy to paint, ready to play n the practice rounds of the scenarios for next H-Con and whatever else we can dream up for them.

These are painted up with standards for the Moscow and Kiev Grenadier Regiments, from a brigade in the 1812 2nd grenadier Division.

Next up are the OG line troops in caps, a departure from the kiwer topped fellows, as well as sporting thier nifty brown overcoats.  Not too hard to paint, I must confess there is another of these regiments on the to be painted queue so keep checking to see how long it takes to get them done!  Kursk IR, from the 1812 10th Division, brigaded with the Jaroslav IR.

Here is a shot of the 10th Division units painted as of July 2011. I still have to complete the Jager Regiments. 


  1. Nice contribution to the Grand Scheme, Joe!

  2. Looking good Joe. Keep up the good work, you can never have enough Russian Infantry.