Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cavalry Painting Project Second Russian Dragoon Unit

In  this project, I started with the Russian Dragoons after getting past the base/stain/wash  on all of the mounts.  The units would represent those from the 1812 campaign, from the  same cavalry division.  I just finished my second Dragoon regiment, the one with the turquoise facings,  and started blocking out colors on the Huzzar units and the cossacks as well.  When I am done, the Mariupol and Soum Hussars will complete the third brigade of the cavalry division.  The Cossacks will be part of the army's horde of said troops.

Orenburg Dragoons with spiffy new basing.

And, as promised the turquoised faced Kourland Dragoons.

'We' got a bit behind as the weekend has been preparing for, sitting through and cleaning up after the hurricane called Irene. I would guess Peter and Barry had it worse than here based on the storm's track. Now its Labor Day weekend, I hope to get a bit of work done on the hussar units.


  1. I did paint Russian Cavalry for about 3-4 hours by daylight on Sunday after the power went out; still off so no more painting thereafter!

  2. Yeah, we lost power at 7pm Sunday, I think they took the line down to secure the grid and reset. We got it back at 3 or 4 AM. Finished the dragoons , on the picnic table, Monday...after a three hour visit to the in-laws to clear a tree away.